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Thursday, 13 April 2017

Of course there is an Easter Bunny.

Hello everybody.

How are you all feeling today?
This year we are all united (at least in this thing!): all around globe, we're celebrating Easter at the same date. Some years, like this one, dates match, and then there is no issue of: "oh, thanks, but you see.. over here we're not yet celebrating, our calendar, you see.." :)
NOTE here: for those of you who are not in any way celebrating, let's just say this: the Bunny will hop around world on Sunday, bringing eggs and cooked ham to everybody, and the Bunny does not care about who said what about religion, politics or ethnic background - because.. he's a BUNNY that brings food and joy.. not much room for philosophy there.


Yes, there IS a Bunny,
and he does bring eggs and (cooked ham) every year
no matter how grown-up you are,
if you make a grass nest for him to put it all in. least he does at my home :)


There is the Bunny,
we have no doubt about that.

About those cooked ham I keep mentioning: over here, on Easter Sunday morning (with not much judgement if you're not really a Christian at all) we're having ham and eggs. Traditional dry cure hams get cooked on Saturday, and are served with horseradish, alongside colored eggs. For our people, that is a quintessentially Easter thing.  
This comes to you on a Good Thursday, as we star our preparations of Bunny's arrival.


  1. What a cute comic strip!

    Happy Easter to you, Marija!

    Ham is a traditional Easter meal here, too. Many families have a ham for Easter dinner. Lamb is another popular Easter choice. But I am going to roast a couple of chickens for our Easter dinner.

  2. I hope you had a lovely Easter. We had a roast lamb dinner with our friends - but it was a bit different from usual, as we did an Indian recipe, where it had been marinated in yoghurt and spices overnight first. It was really good!

    I usually have ham on Boxing Day (the day after Christmas). I don't know why, it's just something my family's always done.