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Monday, 10 April 2017

Mr. Frank Henderson had a lovely home.

Hello everybody

When I was a child, there used to be a saying among the older folks, It goes like this: if you want never ever to be bored again, in your life - get a house. 
In these past few days, as spring is starting to force everything to grow, jobs seem to multiply by the minute in the day. Where ever you look, there is a potential task on our "to do" list. Someone will think it's about time to tell me a thing or two about "that's what you get, when you have a household that size". Because, the bigger the house, the bigger the tasks.

Imagine the magnitude of tasks
on the "to do" list of the house like this one:


It takes an army of people to run a house like this. Something as majestic and grand as Mr. Henderson's "Villa Marina" needs to employ.. oh, I suppose at least twenty (just for the outdoor jobs), plus the Gate Keeper. 
The "Gate Keeper". His job was to guard the main entrance to the estate and often lived in a small house attached to the gate. An estate as elaborate as this one surely had to have one such man, way at the bottom of the servant's hierarchy. 
Well, I have none of those - I am even my own gate keeper - so, all the jobs have to be done in my own pace. One step at the time. :)


  1. Wow. I reckon my house is about the size of the Gate Keeper's house.

    I was so intrigued I googled Frank C Henderson. Looks like he ran an oil company. No wonder he had such a palatial house. Apparently he sold it after just four years of living there.

    1. Yes, a "baron"!, so to say.
      He even had a swimming pool (those never get out of fashion, it appears to me)
      ..another oddity: it's a children's camp now... I don't know what Mr. Henderson would think about the subject :D