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Sunday, 8 January 2017

Love Story: Ugly Duckling

Heads up, everybody!

There is a SEVERE sub-zero temperature wave happening right now in the large part of Europe. One of the reasons there's a lack of posts this week and this post is late is because of this emergency-state that we are in. Making sure the animals are all right, re-checking every inch of the house, securing the over-wintering flowers.. and my latest: de-frosting the water pipes!

I am in a dire need of a soft story
from the days gone by:

This DOES warm me up.

I hope all of you out there are keeping yourselves warm, and safe. 
We have had years of experience with this kind of weather, and we equip our homes with most of the things that come in the "might come in handy" category. Loaded flashlights and piled-up woods (if the frosts bites-off our electricity), water supply (if, like myself today, you wake up to realize there's no water in the pipes), food provisions (the regular: meat, vegetable, jars of pickles and jam), all the baking supplies (if the bakery fails to produce bread - don't look at me that way, it has happened, and we'd rather have our own way of making food - just, you know, in case)..
We are all OK over here.
How are you doing?!

1 comment:

  1. Golly, it all sounds very stressful - it's such a good job you are always prepared. I hope you, Sarka and the cats all stay safe.

    It's unseasonably warm here; we've had a couple of heavy frosts but nothing worse than that.