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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Midweek magazines: decoration inspiration, for the ones who are yet to set up their Christmas mood in their homes

Hello everybody

The question of Christmas and New Year's decoration leads up to many, many pages of books, and online resources, that tell a lot of things: from the historic perspective, all the way to consumer society. to simplify everything, it bottles down to one simple thing: "Why do we decorate our homes?"
Answer: because we like it.
We like our homes to be warm, cozy and to attract the feeling of joy - that might be easy in the summer, when the sun is warming our backs and gently kisses our cheeks - but, in the midst of winter, as the wind blazes and the chill crawls up our bones, we need a little bit of visual help.
That's why we bring in the house plants, we add some rugs, and eventually we decorate our rooms evergreen trees, shiny bulbs, and ho-ho-ho.  :)
Traditionally, over here, we do have fir trees in our home (mind me, there is a positive tendency to having a plastic tree - myself included - since it's both economical and eco-friendly). We buy bulbs, and hanging candies, and all the glittering decorations, but we call it the "New Year tree" - due to the decades long political influence that negated any and all religious customs.
Nowadays, we prolong the keeping of the tree up until after Christmas (to all of you not understanding: YES, over here, Christmas comes after New Year's day, for those of us belonging to the Orthodox Church ) do adorn the tree with a thematic decorations that feature less Santa Claus, and more Nativity story. 

Set a festive holiday mood throughout your house 
with our simple decorating ideas:

Do not get overwhelmed - this is just an inspiration. Our decorations might be smaller, more humble, simple, using what we already have at home - and yet, we are going to make this winter's days much more enjoyable (until spring comes and the birds chase chilly days away!)  :)
What's your decorating tradition?
A simple tree? An all-flashing front-yard ornaments? Just some small candles in the corner?
Do tell.


  1. We always put up a tree, though for the past two years I haven't put on my favourite decorations, collected over the years, because they're glass and the cats would destroy them.

    I wasn't going to put a wreath on our front door, but lots of the neighbours have done it and it looks really pretty, and I didn't want my house to spoil the prettiness, so I've put a wreath up too. It's not a fancy one, but it makes the street look welcoming.

    1. I've seen what your cats can do!
      They are really the wrecking masters. :)