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Sunday, 11 December 2016

Love Story: Romance Renegade

Hello everybody

What else is there to do on a all-frozen and cold-outside kind of Sunday? Staying indoors, taking walks (when the weather is right for it) and post some interesting gun-blazing stories of romance. 
I do like the artwork in this one, it's pretty much done with the same "gunmen" style like the Wild West comic books of the same time. This is good, as it shows me that both boys & girls are considered by the authors of these comics (and we do love our Love Stories)

Here, a girl-sheriff!
Oh, a mighty fun, I promise:

I told you: mighty fun!

Have yourselves a lovely Sunday.
Say: you counting days 'till Christmas? Do you like receiving Christmas cards?

1 comment:

  1. I am counting them now! The tree is up and I'm finally feeling Christmassy.

    Ooh, I was given a second copy of The Vintage Tea Party Year - sort of a cookbook/vintage party book. If you'd like it, I'll send it to you. They're really pretty books, nice to look at as much as to cook from.