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Friday, 23 December 2016

I seem to be doing this every year: resolution-time

 Hello everybody

New Year's day is so close! It's a holiday that has many traditions - countdowns, fireworks, glittering lights, enormous decorations, Champagne. . . and resolutions.
For many. the arrival of a new year means giving yourself big promises to take big steps to make big changes. This will be the year to get: a better body, a better salary, better schedule or a better love life. Some of us honor the tradition and write down our own New Year’s resolutions. Others will chose  to ignore this tradition.. and make fun of the rest of us.
For me, a lists can always be made; following it, on the other hand, gets a bit tricky - but I give it my best, at least to make the "easy to follow" resolutions, seen HERE and HERE (what I have done the previous years).
Usually, by setting my goals at reasonable standard, I do manage to keep them. This year was a GREAT one for me, I have done so many things. I've read the number of books I said I would, I've gotten roses both in front of my house and in my front yard, I've done same major building work done this summer - and I have re-gained the path toward making my body stronger and healthier.
Slow pace. One at a time. As they say "baby steps" - that is how changes are made.

Here we go again:
let's pull those ideas up the hill!  :)

My resolutions:

Aside from the usual: reading more, sewing more, getting crafty, taking good care of my financial records and spending more time on holidays...

I will start a garden
The preparatory work has been done; for instance: I have gotten the raspberry cuttings, and they are waiting for first days of spring in their sandbox. As some of you might have seen on my Instagram, I have a substantial space in the garden, with some fruit trees already standing tall. Working it is a step-by-step process,  requiring a lot of time (that I have to manage finding, with working full time). But, I can start and see where it takes me.

I will get chickens.
I will. Because having your own, all-natural and fresh eggs is the best thing you can get. Nothing big, just a few birds. Again, preparatory steps are the key here, and in the time that follows, I must contemplate how to obtain the coop without actually building one (permits - I'd know, are the nuisance both for nerves and the wallet).


I will minimize the consumption of sugar-free gums.
Have you ever noticed that when you see a cow it always seems to be chewing something? The reason is because cows must chew their food twice in order to digest it properly. I'm quite sure I do belong to that species, and therefore: the moving of the gum around my mouth is truly not a thing I'd like to keep doing.


I will treat my gastritis as it is: a condition.
Reminds me of "what condition your condition is in?" :) Anyway, for those who don't dabble in medicinal term: a chronic gastritis IS a condition (in my case) of the immune system, where it is "eating up" my stomach, and making room for inflammation, pain, and the rest of not-so-joyful moments. Since I have been dealing with this for a long time now, one should guess that I know what triggers "bad days" - and I do know. The issue here is that I sometimes deliberately "forget" the dietary guidelines. Just because I got older does not mean I got wiser, apparently. So, I must give it my best to stick to my plan. Constantly.


Oh, and most important:
I will be happy!!!  :)
Resolutions give life meaning through purpose. Purpose is the deeper reason for why we want to accomplish a something and stick to our resolution. Behind the stated resolution ("I want to get more vegetables into my diet...") is our desire to do something to improve our lives and the lives of others ("…so that I can keep my blood sugar level even through the day"). 
Purpose is what motivates us and moves us to take action.
What is your purpose, this year?
Are you setting yourself some (achiavable!) goals?

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  1. Good luck with achieving your resolutions! Do you have problems with foxes where you are? I guess Sarka will see them off if any come after your chickens. My mum loses chickens to foxes every so often.

    I have made no resolutions. None whatsoever. I usually make at least one, but I honestly can't think of any. I should try to think of something before New Year.