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Monday, 5 December 2016

Cold image, warm feeling.. and a LOT of holidays!

Hello everybody.

Everyone knows about Christmas and Hanukkah, but December is completely full of awesome holidays - some of which we may or may not have just made up. :)
Some of the holidays that are before us, include
- on December 8th - Buddhists celebrate December 8 as the day Siddhartha Gautauma (the Buddha) experienced enlightenment. There are lots of ways to celebrate this holiday: hang up strings of colorful lights, have some tasty Bodhi Tree cookies (or a little rice and milk if you're feeling traditional), or just meditate for awhile.
- every December 10, Nobel Prizes are handed out to "those who, during the preceding year, shall have conferred the greatest benefit on mankind." Named for Swedish inventor and entrepreneur Alfred Nobel, Nobel Prizes are awarded in six categories: Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, Literature, Economics, and Peace.
- come December 14th - it's World Monkey Day! 
- on the 15th of December there was a holy day in ancient Rome,twice-a-year festival celebrates Consus, the God of secrets. According to tradition, you should dig up your altar to Consus (since you keep it buried the rest of the year)
- on December 19th we celebrate December 19, 1843, which is when the world was first introduced to the story of A Christmas Carol. 
- we come to December 21st - the  winter solstice. Among the many groups celebrating this day are modern Pagans, who often call the holiday Yule, or Yuletide. Traditions vary, but one thing you can do to celebrate Yule is to go wassailing (singing, chanting)
- you are allowed to say "Happy Hanukkah!" on December 24th. This Jewish festival lasts for eight nights, and this year it begins on December 24.
- then comes almost-everyone's Christmas on December 25th, a time when most of the Christians rejoice the birth of Christ (some Churches postpone the joyful days for another 14 days - due to the usage of different calendar)  :)
At the end, well: The End - New Year's night! For this specific holiday, the diversity of ways that folks celebrate is too wast for me to even think of explaining. But, the essence is the same: be happy, hope for the better days!

Now, an image of a cold winter's day
that reminds me of my childhood:

Oh, it is the month of preparation, the month of cold days, long nights.. and great baking!  :)


  1. Monkey day sounds intriguing!!!

    1. I say - but celebrating it might need some adjustment to the rules in the ZOO, right? :)

  2. Have you been doing lots of preparation? I've got friends coming over on Christmas Eve for nibbles, so I've been pre-preparing snacks and putting them in the freezer. We've also ordered our goose for Christmas Day.

    1. ME? No, not yet.. we've got TIME over here.
      We celebrate Christmas two weeks after most of the world, since we're following the old calendar (when it comes to Church things). But I did pick out a goose - OMG; we're both having geese. :)

    2. Hehehe, I shall do a post on how we cook ours, then you'll have to show me how you do geese in Serbia.

    3. Oh, sure thing!
      I can see the fun time ahead! :)