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Friday, 4 November 2016

There's a lot of posts here..but where am I on this blog?!

Hello everybody

I am here!
Honestly, the images of me got a bit thinned-out lately, and this might have some of you thinking that I am shying away from this place. No, no.. I am here. And we will have a small talk about a theme that's going on lately around the World Wide Web: Dressing modestly.
Say what?!
You might not remember this, you might have not lived in this kind of a situation - but there was a time in our lives when "dressing well" meant that everything started by replying to three simple, yet obligatory, questions: 
1. Do your clothes match where you're going?
2. Are they clean? 
3. Torn?
If all of the above was sorted out, you were good to go. Surely, it wasn't that simple?! Yeah, but then - I was about five years old. And no so well-off. That is not the matter here.
Come to think of it, not much needs to change as we grow up. Being clean, tidy and suitable for the time and place that you are getting to - those are the principle upon one should build their wardrobe. It makes no sense for someone like me to have 15 ball-gowns when I never attend such an event. Yet again, it would be quite smart to own more than one heavy-duty overalls and sturdy worker's boots since I have a household to run. 
I am a female and I’m blessed to be one. Meaning, all parts of my life and existence: from the office attire (seen below these words), up to wearing apron while I bake AND wearing mud boots, wind-proof west for my outdoor work. Of course, I prefer skirts and dresses. :)

Here's the last few outfits,
with a small help from the Creeters Crowd:

To tell you the truth: I'm not always comfortable 
about wearing body-hugging, cleavage-exposing outfits, 
but that doesn't make me anyone's grandma!
(besides, grandmas are wearing jeans over here - a lot!)

It’s no secret that women today are bombarded with mixed messages 
about what it means to be a woman in a woman’s body.
I prefer owning my own body. In the shape that it is NOW.

I remember, as I grew up.. trying desperately to cover up the shape of my breasts, 
which despite all my turtlenecks and layers and crossed arms.
Then I grew up and accepted curves.
But I don't have to show them off at all times.

What is considered modest or appropriate changes depending on culture and context.
Some would say this skirt is making me look humble, 
but others would scream "look at those bare knees!"
Those are my knees, sometimes they peek out, yes. :)

In essence: this is something that makes me comfortable.
But our bodies are not something we should "overcome",
 they are not  shameful or or "wrong"
it is us who are making ourselves feel this way (thanks to advertisement)

So, this is me. 
The way I dress might imply a lot of assumptions. The truth is - at most times we have no idea why does someone dress like an overgrown five-year old, or why does a someone prefer never to pick a color other than black, or why does a woman at my neighborhood show-off her bare chest despite of her being in her sixties and flat as my ironing board?! Well, they might LIKE it that way - just like all of us out there, who prefer wearing vintage.
I know a LOT of people lift their brows when even thinking about used clothes. I don't mind. As a matter of fact, every dress and skirt on these images came from the used-clothes shops. All of them, and I'm more than happy to give them "another go", after someone has discarded them.
I don't think walking around with cleavage out and my behind squeezed into leggings is going to make ME (& I must underline that: me) feel good about myself, but wearing clothing that is body conscious and flattering makes me feel better.  I can dress (call it "modestly") classy and look pretty and I don't have to wear a sack to but, on the other hand I don't have to fit into a leotard to be pretty. :)
This is my middle.
This is what I look like.
This makes me happy.
How about you?

Yes.. it the answer to all of you who have noticed a change in my body-form.


  1. I think it's important for people to wear what they like, and to accept other people wearing what they like. I love your outfits, they're perfectly you.

    1. Well said, Mim.
      Your words pretty much sum it all up. What matters is that we like our own clothes, that they bring joy to our lives and that there's a genuine feel-good in all.
      Have a great day!