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Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Midweek magazines: What the well-dressed folks are wearing back in 1933

Hеllo everybody.

If you are as interested in vintage fashion and it's history as I am; original magazine articles from the era would excite you as much as they bring joy to my day.
In their review of Broadway costume design for the Fall of 1933, STAGE MAGAZINES asked the pressing question: "What is the well-dressed play wearing these days?" There was much talk of Chanel, Schiaparelli and the House of (Elizabeth) Hawes as he heaped the praises high for the the rag-pickers who clothed the actresses for such productions as "Men in White", "Undesirable Lady", "Her Master's Voice" and "Heat Lightning".

"The fashions in the plays are vivid, authentic, and wearable. They have sprung from the gifted brains and fingers of the cream of the crop of designers, Schiaparelli and Chanel in Paris, and our own industrious Americans who, themselves, are becoming hardy annuals. The silhouette is lengthening into slim height but even in sports clothes corners are rounded and curves are accentuated..."
Have I ever asked you about your vision of fashion?
Are you fashion-aware, fashion-friendly or fashion-obsessed?



  1. I'm vaguely fashion aware. It's nice to get new ideas and see new styles. I don't feel the need to follow them slavishly, though.

    I think we bloggers make our own micro-trends; I'm seeing a real takeup of 1930s again by vintage bloggers, when four or five years ago it was all 40s and 50s.

    1. I couldn't have aid it better, Dear.
      There is a micro-guidance we get from each-other. Nowadays, with image sharing so wide spread, we can be reached by a large number of inspirational and themed outfits, so one should think it's getting easy - to make up our minds. :)