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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Midweek magazines: The Fate of your Fan Letters

Hello, hello.. Hello everybody!

I am in a good mood - because there is no wind and no rain here. It takes just that much to make everything different. Not having a blistering wind whipping our faces, and our feet wet by stepping into countless puddles, is a great improvement. I don't mint the chilly mornings and frost on every string of grass - actually, it looks like magic.
Today's article touches the subject of what happens to all those love-infused mail that people pour their hope and devotion into - and post them to "Hollywood".
Me? Well, writing to Hollywood was too expensive for me, when I was younger - and I haven't posted any of my letters (come on, of course I wrote those types of letters, I simply knew my mail was never to leave my home, so that's the difference) Then, as I grew up I have realized that movie characters (as great as their influence on my life may be) are not existent in the Real Life, so I opted to writing - and actually sending - letters to my real-life inspirations.
Why do we write?
I can only speak for myself. I have done it because it made me feel good. Regardless of maybe not sending any of the letters - what mattered was the feeling of joy as I wrote.

Now, onto the article:

..and, just because
I really want to make you all smile
as wide as you can:


Don't fight the feeling of warmth in your heart
yes, that's that "Gable" moment you're experiencing.
Feels rather good, right?

As this article said it "Therefore, to reach the star, your letter must be worthy of attention" - actually, let me add that: to reach ANYONE, your words must be carefully put together, you must give a piece of yourself out there and boost it all up with a bit of style.
Oh, I do love writing letters.
How about you?
And, now I must write a letter to Mr. Gable. :)

1 comment:

  1. I do not write letters as often as I should, as you know! But I do try.

    It is lovely not having rain, isn't it? Cold I can live with, but cold and wet is miserable.