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Saturday, 22 October 2016

Waking up to a rainy day.

Hello everybody.

When it’s raining, do you ever feel like it’s never going to stop?
Studies have shown that people who live in warm, sunny climates are no happier that those in chilly, wet climes. Isolation and inactivity, moping around, listening to sad songs, staying in your pajamas until noon, skipping showers, or watching TV all day, are recipes for more depression and more distress. 

However, rain is a part of Nature's process of growth.  Just like nature needs the rain to grow, we all might need a little rain to relax, slow down and re-charge. I think we need our rainy days to grow, to flourish and to thrive too!
Personally, I like to get up and move.
Just because it's raining, it does not mean there's nothing to do here. It's not a pouring day, so a lot can be achieved, and there is a sense of peace in seeing how the rain darkens garden soil and changes up garden plants.

For those of you who get a bit more romantic and poetic on a rainy day
I have a poem:

I’m quite sure that there is no better feeling in the world than the way you will feel after spending the whole day outside in the rain, followed by a hot bath and then a nice hot cup of cocoa. 
Well, there's something to work hard for.
Have a nice Saturday.


  1. I don't like the rain! Which is a tad unfortunate, living on a rainy island. Rainy days are good times to stay indoors with my knitting; I'll hardly see my garden now for four or five months.

    1. I share the feeling: wet feet are not among my favorite times.
      Soon, the weather is going to make it impossible to do any work outside. Then, it's all about crafting indoors, I suppose.