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Sunday, 9 October 2016

Love Story: Love's priceless gift

Hello everybody

October, a month of the strongest changes in the seasons. And, for someone who has a garden or a homestead, this means that there is still plenty of work to be done.
There is one task all of us must do, at least once a week, at this time of year: clearing the leaves: from our porches, from in front of our gates, from our flower beds and lawns. Those fall leaves can be a pretty big nuisance, I know. I know. It has to be done, not only for the beauty of it, but to remove it from the places where you would not want the mold to start forming.
(I suppose you realize what's my job for today)  :)

Before everything,
let's arm ourselves with some heart-warming tale
of a troubled woman

Silly lady,
she has never taken a serious thought about money
and needs a few classes in managing her income.  :)

One honest request: to all of you out there who love autumn because there's a huge pile of leaves just inviting you to kick it as strongly as you can. Please, fight that feeling and walk by in peace. Remember: that pile have taken someone a fine time to collect. That moment of "sheer joy" when kicking the pile, means it'll fall apart all over the place and therefore it'll have to be collected and piled-up all over again. 
And, if you have failed to fight the urge, and the pile ends up blasted-away, invite yourself to give a hand (both of your hands!) to the certain Someone, and pile it back in place.
Thank you for caring. :)
Happy Sunday


  1. I'm terrible, I leave the leaves all over the place... I really should do some more gardening before the winter comes.

    Your letter has arrived, and I will try to write you a reply today or next week.

  2. Isn't that the truth regarding October being the month that ushers in the biggest seasonal change of the year (in many parts of the world at least). Winter usually slowly melts into spring, which then gradually turns in a sunny spring, but the October, bridging summer and winter weather, is a unique and powerful month. This seasonal middle ground-ness is part of the reasons why it has always been my favourite month. There's an energy to October that is all but electric. A time of change, hope, hard work and beauty. I love it dearly and am rarely happier at any other point in the whole year.

    I hope that this October is a marvelous and very fun filled one for you as well, my dear friend.

    Tons of hugs,
    ♥ Jessica