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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Midweek magazines - remember this series? :)

Hello everybody

This is our first Wednesday without pages from Burda fashion magazines. I hope your fashion sense can somehow adapt to this change. 
Very, very long time ago, back when this blog used to have only a few posts in it's archives, I had a little series where I posted some interesting articles from this-and-that magazine that I have found interesting and saved for some reason. I feel it's time to bring this series back (true reason being: I have quite the number of various articles, about an array of subject that I have found interesting, useful or in some way or another - appealing).

Today, I give you a story about
the return of a small garden, back from 1921.

With this wonderful image of blooming entrance into a Manor House, I wish you have a great day - and get over this "humph day" of the work week with no worries.
Happy Wednesday.


  1. I like Wednesdays - it's all downhill to the weekend from there.

    Augh, gardens. I've got next week off work and need to put some serious work in on mine. It's time to cut back the trees before winter.

  2. *Shoots hand up in the air* I do indeed remember this lovely series. How wonderful of you to bring it back for us, especially in the absence of Burda Wednesday. You're so generous with your time, your publications, your scans and your knowledge, dear Marija. Thank you!!!

    xoxo ♥ Jessica