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Sunday, 25 September 2016

Love Story: Husband Hunter


This last week of September has brought me some cold mornings and crispy evenings. As much as I love Autumn's joys, the notion of yet another heating season (for those of us who do not have central heating systems) brings some frowns. Last night was the first "fire-up" day of the season - a task that I will have each day up until.. May?!
But, what matters is: we are "covered" when it comes to a quantity of wood. :)

You see a woodsman in this story,
I tel you there's surely some action here
(and it's well wort reading!)  :)

A giant bear - I told you there was action :)

The thing is: this has not changed much, this situation we have just read. There are still the times when people chose comfort over joy, and make the decision to spend a "comfortable" life stripped of all feelings, emotions and even some elemental respect for the other side - because the idea of being provided with all material goods has overruled.
I suppose we all make our choices.
Have a lovely Sunday.


  1. We had our chimney swept last week. So much grot came down it. But we now have a certificate to say it's all in working order and can use the fireplace. (Next step: new fireplace!)

    Getting the wood sorted is tough. We had a tree to get rid of so have chopped that up, but the bits will need to rest a while so they can dry out. You did all yours earlier in the year, didn't you?

    1. Those are some amazing news, Mim.
      Having an "all clear" is the most important thing, believe me, I'd know - I have had that "nearly drowned in smoke" moment due to system malfunction. When it comes to fire, we must have everything in order - fire & smoke are not forgiving.
      You are right about my jobs for the summer. I have brought in the fire wood while ago. I had them in full sun: never should we dare to burn wet woods. That's a smoke "bomb" waiting to happen.
      Oh, I'm so happy for you!

  2. Agreed, it's hard to believe (especially after such a damp summer here) that we're into colder nights and milder days again already. I madly adore fall, but I wouldn't have said no to a few more weeks of summery weather either. Hopefully this season will be a mild one on both our ends and we won't have to push the fireplace (or central air system, which is what Tony and I have) to max capacity for quite a while still yet.

    Many hugs & wishes for a sunny, splendid autumn,
    ♥ Jessica