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Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Burda Wednesday: August 1959, part III - THE END OF AN ERA!

Hello everybody

Fashion makes our life colorful and changes our life with the time or according to the time.
For some women and some men, fashion plays an important part for them. Good shopping for a new outfit can brighten a mood and gives so much pleasure; some are even addicted. Some people remember you by your dress - for example: "When we first started high-school, you wore that glitter.-covered shirt" or "I saw her in my friend’s birthday party, she wore a bright pink top". Clothes can trigger strong memories, move people toward you, move you toward a promotion..
If I am speaking for myself, say I am wearing tight fitting or short clothes: in that case I can never feel good about myself. - but, if I am wearing comfortable clothes, simple dresses of nice colors, long-waist skirts then I feel I am - myself.

Here's to fashion - as a way to be ourselves!
..and here's BURDA:

Take a look at these lovely jewelry items.
They could adorn every suit and
make the strict attire more loose and friendly.

Oh, what a statement dress!

Style from Paris.
Somewhat girly, right?

Ever wondered how many people have been employed
to do top-notch studies
about you & me, and 
what advertising "method" would "target" us best?

"Have you got the thankless hair"
I do!
(even short hair can show signs of miss-behaving)

Funny thing: 
I have never ever read a book or wrote something
lying on my bed
(it's not as comfortable as it looks in the pictures, restricts my breathing)
Need I comment the adorable kitten?! :)
(don't get me wrong, I do have a dog,
but I'm a cat-person)  :)

OK; take a look at that small thread on your right:
those were the BEST brands we ever had,
I remember having a lot of them in the house
and I could spend time & time sorting them out
(they don't make them as strong as they used to)

Apparently, these are fast to make
..unless you're like me: lacking the knowledge.

I say:
combining radishes and pork - absolutely great 
(and gives you better digestion)  :)

A recipe-book
from the same editors.

All of us who fancy Autum:
this table-cloth looks just perfect, right?

Interesting details for the home.

Many people started living in much smaller places, and the organizing of the space had to be different. For instance, some apartments were so small, they only featured one bathroom and one super-large room that was supposed to play the role of kitchen, lounge and bedroom (heck, they are still making them here). So, to get at least some separation, folks started butting in these half-walls. Also, they have mastered the art of using furniture to "separate" the spaces, at least visually.

This, of course,
is one of those "house.proud" kind of places
(I do try to keep mine tidy,
but I'm nowhere near having this many items, in such a perfect setting
nor do I like that)

..and, so - with this issue
our Burda-journey is over.

I hope you have enjoyed traveling back in time, and that I have given you a good dose of the entire 1950s decade. These magazine pages are here to stay, and you are more then welcome to come back here over and over and give them a look.
Now.. I must say that this will leave an empty space in my blog (and my heart), and we will have to find the way to get something interesting in it's place.

Have a great mid-week


  1. I wish my cats would do the laundry - all they do is sit on the clean stuff and cover it in fur, the little stinkers!

    I'd never thought of putting radishes with pork before. It looks interesting.

    Thank you for doing all your Burda Wednesdays, they've been fun and I've always really looked forward to them.

    1. Oh, Mim, Thank YOU for being here for all the magazines!

  2. This really is the end of an era. Wow - I swear I'm almost choking up. These posts have been one of my favourite highlights of the blogging week for ages now. You did an amazing job of bringing us so much yesteryear Burda goodness. Thank you to the moon and back, sweet dear.

    I look forward to celebrating the fall and everything that it holds in store on both of our sites with you.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

    1. Dear Jess,
      I was a bit scared of "what to do" while I was posting the last of the Burda magazines. It took some time (but it shouldn't have) to realize that times are chaining and the change is a part of blogging life.
      I'm glad to have you as my guest in this new age.