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Friday, 26 August 2016

More on the kitchen front

Hello everybody

NEWS: the builders are IN, and we are re-building it: my second kitchen. I own a home built well before 1945, and I am fortunate enough to have an entire room attached to the primary house, but with it's own entrance. 

So, you will forgive me for being
all about kitchen these days:

Every kitchen needs a pantry.
My goal is to strive for in pantry design is "at a glance visibility". Everything stored should be immediately visible. Before the area of microwave meals and processed cuisine,a well-stocked pantry was required for good domestic management. MY second kitchen was a large room, and we've made a wall,installed a door and I will have a walk-in pantry! 

I have a massive pantry-envy, and she's such an inspiration
(this is what I'm looking for!)

A walk-in pantry is usually a small room, essentially a closet for storing food, separate from but adjacent to the kitchen, called a "larder" in the old days. It might not be as functional for most of the modern-day families, it's not meant for those folks who go to and do their daily food shopping. The walk-in pantry is designed and made to store all the produce from our garden: canned vegetables and preserves; cured bacon and  dry-cured ham hanging from the ceiling, large batches of fruit stored over winter and kitchen appliances, large cooking  pots, pans.. and so on.
There are many, many lists that tell us what should we store in our pantry, called "essentials" - but I take them with caution, because, for one, I will never stock on soy-sauce or canned beans, since I am allergic to both of those products. I would also get much less "pasta", and much more flour, since I make my own. 
(And, then there are the "hanging" items: you don't see a whole pig's rib, lines and lines of home-made sausages, couple of dry cured hams and a whole chunk bacon on many pantry "essentials" lists, do you?
That is why planning our larder is an individual adventure. And, I am looking forward to it!

How about you?
Do you share my dream about rows of home-canned winter food?


  1. Hoorah, the kitchen is being done!

    Wow, that's an amazing pantry in that last photo. I think it's about as big as my entire kitchen.

    I don't dream of a load of home-canned food, but I'd love a bigger freezer for storing parts of meals, and bones. (We make/ get through a LOT of stock.) I suppose in a way my 'bottle cupboard' (vinegars, oils, Asian sauces) and my spice cupboard (literally a cupboard, not a tiny rack) count as pantries, in their way. And we've always got loads of dried noodles and pulses in stock.

    1. Yes, Mim!
      The kitchen is slowly coming to be what it was meant to be.
      One more reason for choosing to have a large larder is that, one day, I will put a box-freezer. Right now, I still don't have to do that, since I have the use of TWO in my mom's house.


  2. I love old kitchen ads, especially the ones from the 50s.

    My pantry is a mess. I really need to go through it and clean it up.

    My grandmother's and mother's houses had floor-to-ceiling cupboards with narrow shelves in the cellar. The narrow shelves made sense in that nothing got lost in the back of them, no more than 2 cans deep.

    1. You are so right, dear Dawn.
      Seeing images of perfectly sorted pots, jars and cans make me feel like I need to go and get my own kitchen storage space in order. :)