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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Burda Wednesday: July 1959, part II

Hello everybody

Deep inhale.
Let's not waste words today. Because, today, I'm all about giving you guise some amazing fashions, enjoying beauty any feeling good about ourselves.
There have been some ups-and-downs (as to all of you, I'm sure) in the past year, a lot of stress, lot of work, my house reconstruction, moving, living alone, bad stomach days, moody evenings.. but, in time I have realized: that is life. And life is to be lived right now.

I feel good.
Here's to feeling good and loving life! :)
., onto Burda magazine:

Like a dash of fresh air,
these dresses look so comfortable.

"V" back with a bow?
Oh, please - yes!

A dress and a matching "bolero"

It was the era of the "heart shaped" cleavage. 

Ladies of the full figure,
these are for your days of fashion!

...because no one should feel "less" because
she has a bit "more".

"Summer offer"
Dresses that make the hourglass-look

You can never go wrong with wearing
floral dress on a summer day. Ever,

These are the "Afternoon outfits"
(according the our dear Editors)

I laughed so hard when I translated this one
it's the "MAJOR ROLE" - for a large roll of paper :)

"Beautiful dresses for the women in her 40s"

...and some dashingly gorgeous accessorizes. 

For the young girls.

So, you might ask me "What's with all the self-love lately?"
As the cultural emphasis on looking perfect was coming to a head thanks to Photoshop, social media, celebrity culture, and advanced non-invasive procedures, people started putting more and more effort into changing their bodies. Because of this, many women retreated to judging themselves (ourselves!), convinced there must be something unspeakably wrong with their bodies. The harder we tried to look better, the worse we looked; we created an epidemic of people who feel fundamentally.. well.. broken.
Each person is entitled to do whatever she likes with her own body. And there is absolutely NO reason for anyone to judge another person's body.
I don't judge other people's bodies. And, I have accepted mine. Bumps, birth-marks, cellulite and all!

What say you?


  1. There are so seriously fantastic prints at work in this edition of Burda. The florals caught my eye big time, but really, each of them is just magnificent and so evocative of the era (cusp of the 1960s) that they hail from. As always, I find myself yearning for a time machine whenever I read your wonderful Burda posts. :)

    Big hugs & happy start of August wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. So true, Jessica!
      As a matter of fact, I might jump-in with you on the Time Machine. What fun would we have? Exploring the era, trying our dresses (and deserts), seeing old technology... that would be an interesting experience.


  2. As a woman in her 40s, I definitely approve of Burda's choice!

    Those necklaces are lovely. I've got a brown one in that style, but I find myself wanting a couple in other colours, for variety.

    If you've got a third seat in the time machine, count me in!

    (Oh, and I have received your letter and will start work on a reply :-))