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Monday, 18 July 2016

Pretend we have long days for leisure, and a place to do it in.

Hello everybody

Let's just for a while pretend we do not have our daily jobs, but a long periods of days opened to our own plan. And, just for the sake of fun, let's pretend we have the means to expand our living spaces - that is: to build a whole new house for our long summer days.
What would we do?
I, for one, can not let myself to imagine those terms, since I have always been more or less, a person who loves to have daily duties. I can be idle - for a day or two. I can't pack my suitcases (pardon me: let my personal maid pack that!) and leave town for the course of the entire summer. I'm not used to such a lifestyle. 

I could, however, spend some time in a summer camp. 
Here's a 1919 magazine's ideas on decorating one such place:

No matter how you choose to spend it, there's something about the slower days of summer that warms the heart. For most of us, summer is the time of year when we take our holidays, and allow ourselves to dip our feet into the sea (with high hopes we can afford it). For others, a weekend-to-weekend of BBQ with friends and family is what makes summer great. There are folks that prefer to stay indoors with the air-condition on and wait for the heat to pass, lazying in the sofa, watching re-runs of their favorite TV shows or "surfing" the Web. Some of us, start some "projects" for the summer, using longer days to our advantage.
I weed my jungle (I mean: garden, garden.. pardon me) and plan to start making a "second" kitchen - a detached room much resembling an indoor kitchen, just further away, therefore all the preserving, jamming, towel-washing and other "smelly" kitchen tasks do not enter the residence (it's a typical thing for my province -so, one must have it, in order to have a complete home)  :)
How about you?
What are your summer to-do's?


  1. I had never heard of the second kitchen. It sounds very practical. Over here, bigger houses have a 'utility room', which gets used for larger appliances such as washing machines, tumble dryers and large freezers, though I don't have one.

    I like sitting outside on summer evenings (with my back to the garden so I can't see what a mess it is, ha!), reading a book and watching the cats play around. Like you, though, I'd get bored of a life of idleness. It's important to have things to occupy the brain and hands.

    1. Occupation is the key to happiness.
      (I should have added this on my "30 things" list :)
      Honestly, without being busy, with nothing to do - but a time to spend - we would feel like we're less worth. Working makes us feel worthy, activities, hobbies, tasks - they are all a way for us to connect, to make us feel like we are making a difference (believe me - re-making a dress really makes one feel good)


  2. Before air conditioning I think was pretty common in the southern USA where the summers are very hot and humid to have a second kitchen in order to keep the house from getting even hotter.

    Around here in the north eastern USA it's not uncommon for the Italians to have a second kitchen in the basement. Generally they'd move the old cabinets and appliances down into the basement when they remodeled the kitchen. I have to guess this started to keep the rest of the house cool in the summer but I have heard of people who once they remodeled the kitchen would use the basement kitchen and the new kitchen was just for show.

    1. Bottom-kitchen, Dawn?
      There's logic in that, you know. I suppose they used to have it in the lower rooms for aesthetics, as well. No one could see the kitchen (and the staff in the "dowstairs" part of the house). Even without staff, the cooking area is never picture-perfect: there is mess, there are smells - it's not always presentable.
      It does makes sense to me.