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Sunday, 24 July 2016

Love Story: Romance ride the waves

Hello everybody.

Today, I shall start this post with a quote:
Kathleen Kelly: I could never be with someone who has a boat.
Joe Fox: I have a boat.
Kathleen Kelly: Oh.
Joe Fox: Which clinches it; we'll never be together.
(from the movie "You've got mail")

And, now you'll see why I started with this quote:

Class is not something I consider when meeting people. There's nothing in "class" that is a guarantee of honesty, kindness and good spirit. So, why bother?
As for boats - I can't say. I haven't met anyone who's got a boat.
What are "boat people" like?
Have a great Sunday.
And, if you're (too) in a middle of a heat-wave, be safe!


  1. I knew people who went sailing when I was at college, but my home county, Norfolk, has a lot of waterways, so people had plenty of access to the water there. (I spent one university break cleaning holiday boats on the Norfolk Broads; people rent little boats for vacations.) They seemed pretty normal. But I guess it's a bit like riding horses; away from the places where those things are easily accessible, you have to be wealthy to do them. Lots of the farmers' daughters I knew growing up could ride, but now I live in a more urban area, only wealthy people do it.

    1. So, you know people with boats?
      I have seen tiny river boats, that's true - but never was I close to something larger... (I con't count taking a ferry ride in Greece, that was a cargo ship!) :)


    2. Not nowadays, as I'm in an area with far fewer waterways, though you do get people living in canal boats hereabouts.

  2. Agreed, big time. I've known amazing people and truly unkind/mean/vicious/etc folks at all rungs on the socioeconomic ladder and try never to factor class into my interactions with anyone.

    Thanks for sharing another action packed mid-century comic with us, dear Marija. You really do find some fantastic ones.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

    1. Nowadays, we let ourselves judge the people whom we want to be friends with, Jessica - and that is one of our greatest accomplishments. We no longer let such a trivial thing like an upbringing tell us that this Person XX is a good one. Not that is someone poor is bad.