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Sunday, 10 July 2016

Love Story: Classrooms aren't for kisses

Hello everybody

Are we all up and running?
No. (There's no reason for the most of you to get up super-early and strain yourselves with house work and other issues). 
Not everybody has let their garden go over the past time (that would be my hand in the air, as I plea guilty for that). Now, the time to pick some of the fruits has came, and it's a bit of a problem: in order to reach the tree, you'd have to chop your way across the jungle of weeds. The guilt, as I've said, is all mine. I have chosen to do other activities lately, therefore neglected the garden space, and Nature did what Nature does best: she has GROWN. And she's grown majestically. :)
For the rest of you, I say:
Rest. Feel the slow pace of a Sunday morning. Heck, I'm even going to recommend NOT reading the news, but starting with a love story.

Let's give it a look, shall we:

Never fails to make me smile

On the other hand, I can't miss out the little fact given in this comic: the poorly payed teachers. It seems that not much has changed, yet they are the true givers to our society: they give out the knowledge and they (in a way) raise the children, to once become great men and women. We owe them a lot of respect, right?
Well now - I wish you a wonderful Sunday!
(do tell me all about it)


  1. Ah, did your garden get out of control while you were on holiday? We came home to an absolute jungle. I tackled some of the weeds on Saturday, and got five buckets full! The weather was bad, so my Sunday was spent cleaning the wardrobes, but at least now that job is done.

    1. Dear Mim,
      I'm ashamed to say that the neglecting of the garden lasts longer than my holiday. The weeds got sky-high, and some areas of the garden were completely taken over by them. Long sheers (for pruning fruit), lots of pulling, putting my back into it - and I'm almost there.
      What a FINE gardeners, we are - eh? :)


  2. Goodness, yes! It's astonishingly how underpaid most educators - especially in the public sector - are. I have multiple relatives who work in this field. They put in countless hours of overtime and at home work on top of their classroom hours and give tirelessly of themselves to their classes for such very modest wages, as the majority of teachers do. Hopefully one day we as a society will wake up and realize how much more our educators rightfully deserve.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

    1. I hope that's going to change, too.
      Being a teacher's kid (oh, my word: BOTH of my parents are retired teachers) I have lived that under-payed lifestyle for my entire youth. We, as members of this society must support the educators - for the future.