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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Burda Wednesday: May 1959, part V

Hello everybody.

There's a small discussion I've had a while ago. And, just when I thought I might bring it your way (and started wondering HOW to do so), our beloved Burda magazine featured a single image that sparked it all up for me. It is a tight issue - about wearing tight-like undergarments.
Ripped jeans. Tank tops. Flip flops. Visible bra straps. Wrinkled shirts. Shorts. Micro-mini skirts. Bare midriffs. Some days I think that the era of wearing pantyhose is fading away, and that THESE magazines are to be the only place we can see that, once essential, item of the Office Lady Style.

..there's more on the subject,
but let's give this issue a go first.

Here's the new and improved way
of coloring your hair!

The continuation of the mini-novel

One thing we ALL deal with
was and still is the lost of color in our garments
This is "Perwoll" - and they are still making detergents

Bleach-white asparagus

White asparagus is the result of applying a blanching technique while the asparagus shoots are growing. To cultivate white asparagus, the shoots are covered with soil as they grow, i.e. earthed up; without exposure to sunlight, no photosynthesis starts, and the shoots remain white. Compared to green asparagus, the locally cultivated so-called "white gold" or "edible ivory" asparagus, also referred to as "the royal vegetable", is less bitter and much more tender. 
(note - Not that I would know, since I haven't had the chance of trying it out - YET)

Life is better when there's cake! 

Some might consider this kitsch, 
but I like a table-cloth with lots of fruits aplique on it.

Why don't you "try Gardisette - front curtains sale!"

So many adorable details in this single page:
The perfectly shaped white chairs in the first image
the artistic fish made out of wire on the other, 
the straight-lined full-wall cabinet on the third...

OK. Let's talk stockings in the office...
(at the end of this post!)
Story titled "The fifth guest is the Death"
...sounds like a mystery-tale!

Whenever I see coins, I think of savings :)

"How the catch the spring's breeze in your laundry basket?"
Such a lovely advertisement text.

Cheese MUST be good
when it's advertised by a COW, right? :)

Surely, we can't have a magazine issue
without some under-wear.
Undergarments are the essential - (I hope so)  :)

Sweet travels.
Great destinations.
Change of climates is GREAT.

This little fella is the "Picture and Radio" star.

To me, this gives some pajama-feel.

Stockings and pantyhose in the office?!
We come to this serious question. For much of the 20th century, pantyhose were an essential component of any polished woman’s outfit. But then, many "new generation" women stopped wearing pantyhose years ago, dismissing them as uncomfortable and easily ruined by runs. Most women of this day and age have never even worn them, and thanks to more casual office wear, they don’t need to in most offices.
Going tight-less requires a certain level of maintenance, out of sheer politeness: the lavishing of moisture, and perhaps self-tanner, ‘spray-on tights’..
Quite a few discussion exist on the subject.
1. If you are wearing pantyhose, you’re seen as uptight, antiquated, dull, unable to keep up physically and mentally, and unworthy of their time
2. If you’re not wearing tights, you’re seen as a slacker, unkempt, crude, unprofessional, poor-mannered and unworthy of their time.
So: is it, actually, a generation thing? 
Is it a status issue?
I would like to hear your say.


  1. Oh, those cakes in the recipe section! That soft cherry cake looks amazing.

    I work in an environment that's probably about 60/40 or 70/30 male to female. There's no dress code at all, we can wear what we like. (There used to be one young lady with the most stunning, long, blue-green hair.) I don't think anyone notices or cares if people wear tights or not here. Sometimes I wonder what my workmates make of my vintage look, but I think they just think, "Oh, that's just Mim, that's what she likes," and leave it at that. I wear tights in winter, but not in summer when it's too hot.

    That said, I've seen stuff online that comments that British women wear tights a lot more than those in other countries - we're particularly fond of thick opaques in winter. Apparently this is a Bad Thing. Not that it stops us!

    1. Mim, dear...
      I've seen changes happen to workplaces - since I was a kid (coming with mom to school, since there was no sitter and so on). Teachers, for instance, would never allow themselves to be seen at work wearing jeans - yet now it's such a "casual" thing.
      I have also heard that Brits wear tights MORE than others - but, they (you) are smarter than others. I can not imagine wearing anything thinner than tights on a super-cold winter morning. Heck, sometimes it's so cold, I opt for leggings (don't worry, leggings are under the dress) :)


    2. quite frequently these days i seem to see young women in this country (UK) with bare legs at least up to their knees if not higher when the weather is not exactly clement. i think to myself: don't they feel the cold in the same way that i do, or are they just slaves to fashion to the point where personal comfort doesn't matter? adversely i have also noticed that schoolgirls now have a habit of wearing thick tights and/or leggings even on the hottest of days (probably because if they don't, then they think their peers will think they are uncool - which they will be, but not in the way they imagine), which surely can't be doing them any good, not to mention being somewhat unhygenic?

      having said that, it seems that these days british men (and not just young guys, but middle-aged ones too) are happy to dress inadversely to the weather conditions, going around wearing only a thin short-sleeved shirt (if not a sleeveless one) and shorts when i certainly wouldn't step outside my front door without wrapping-up warm!

  2. I see white asparagus each Spring in the grocery store but it didn't look appealing to me although green asparagus is one my favorites. I might try it now that I know it has a milder flavor.

    I love that tablecloth, too.

    Man, eons ago (in the late 70s) we were taught that it was mandatory to wear nylons/stockings in the office.

    I'm glad they aren't mandatory any more. But unless you live in a southern climate, you need to wear something on your legs for warmth much of the year if you wear dresses/skirts. I haven't worn nylons in years. I wear black, gray, or navy tights which are more comfortable than nylons for some reason.

    I always thought the no-nylons ever thing started in Hollywood where it's warm enough to do that year round. Tights are good for every day wear, but if I were to have a dressy event to go to and it's cold, like a winter wedding or a fancy Christmas party, I am wearing nylons. I haven't been to anything fancy in the winter for years so I have no idea if nylons are fashionable in my area for that type of thing or not.

    I think the no-nylons is combination of status and generational. Status as in if you're rich enough to ride around in limos you don't need to worry about cold legs since you get dropped off and picked up right at the door so you might have one whole minute of being out in the cold.

    Generational as in dress codes have gotten a lot less strict the past couple of decades so the younger ladies haven't known anything else. My daughter is 27 and I don't think she's ever worn nylons although she does wear tights.

    Plus the older you are, the more likely you have imperfections like varicose veins that you want to cover up with nylons.

    It might depend on your work environment, too. Some businesses with a conservative image like an old highly esteemed corporate law firm might require nylons no matter what Hollywood shows.

    I remember there was excitement over Princess Kate wearing nylons back when she first came on the scene and it was thought that would make nylons a bit more fashionable. I have no idea if that came true or not.

    IMO, there's no doubt that the proper nylons/stockings make the legs look much nicer in most cases.

    1. Dawn,
      I respect & agree with your opinion.
      Some time ago it was not imaginative that a woman can walk around bare-legs and all.. but t is now a "casual" thing. When it comes to wearing tights, I do like mine brightly colored - then I opt for a dull outfit; so that the only colorful thing are the tights (trying to make them "work" for me). Wearing things, to me, is quite useful. I wear only skirts and dresses, and come winter it's COLD over here.
      You are true on the point of nylon-wearing girls nowadays. You can't wear nylons on a Snow Day, unless you are driving in a jeep (and I'm not).
      I wonder what the fashion will be in the future.