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Sunday, 19 June 2016

Love Story: Sweetheart of a slave

Hello everybody!

Because you deserve to spend your Sunday morning reading a Love Story in a high resolution! :)
I have deleted the images that were too small to handle, and replace them with a larger version. Sometimes, we need to give an effort for the good things in life!

We need high resolution,
since this story is set WAY back in time
and it's breaking some mighty borders!

We have moved a lot since the time of slavery.
However, there's still a long mile ahead of us. There are still place where tolerance is a word used so few times in lives of people. We must continue standing strong, for ourselves and othes around us. 
No one should be prevented from fulfilling their potential by the circumstances of their birth. What ought to count is how hard you work and the skills and talents you possess, not the school you went to or the jobs your parents did.
Have a marvelous Sunday!


  1. Elizabeth is such a conniving fickle female who trifled with men's affections to the point of death for some of them that I hope she falls overboard on the way to America.

  2. Well said - we still have a lot of work to do together as a species. But we will get there!