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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Burda Wednesday: May 1959, part II

Hello everybody

Yes, yes.. yet another Wednesday pre-generated post for you guise. Lack of comments from my side should not discourage you to leave your comments below. :)

I say just this: marvelous fashion. No question why this is one of my ever-favorite magazines in my entire life. I've grown up with Burda, I've got the image of what a lady looks like from Burda, I have gotten the first knowledge of sewing from Burda, I have even started baking with Burda..
(so, I just might really consider moving on with these posts into 1960s)
Have a great day!


  1. Soooo many magnificent end-of-the-decade fashions here. I love them all to bits, but am especially crushing on the floral print dress + matching coat and the classic shirtwaist dresses.

    I fully support carrying on into the 1960s and having been keeping my fingers crossed for ages that you will opt to do so, my dear friend.

    Big hugs & joyful end of June wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  2. Wow, this issue is jam-packed with cute clothes and adorable hairdos! I love it all.

  3. Take the posts into the 1960s! Everyone knows the 50s carried on till around 1962 anyway ;-)

  4. on the scanned pic with the text "mit kleinem gepack eine woche unterwegs" (scroll about a third of the way down the page) the model's head appears to be exactly the same (albeit one appears to have a "beauty spot" - something i've never understood the appeal of - although that might just be a printing error or deterioration of the paper), but is dressed completely differently (even down to the headband) in what appears a more sophisticated version of that thing where you cut out pictures of clothes with tabs from a piece of paper to wrap around cut-out people to wear. presumably "photoshop"-style techniques were already in force in that era (contrary to assumption, computers generally don't actually do anything new or different - they just make already-existing tasks a bit easier and less time-consuming). i have also seen colourisation techniques applied to (presumably black and white) photos in such vintage lifestyle magazines, that are a lot more convincing than those dreadful post-WWII picture postcards!