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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Burda Wednesday: May 1959, part I

Hello everybody!

This post is set to be posted on a Wednesday  - and I hope it worked. :) Just because I'm running after some 40 teenagers and trying to manage all their need, problems and issues - does not mean you guise should be left without your Burda magazine pages!

Let's take a look

This first part of May of 1959 features some AMAZING fashions!
Can you pick out one?


  1. I can't pick just one - everything from the first photo with the plane in onwards is wonderful and I'd wear any of it.

    I hope your holiday is going well.

  2. I love the blue dress on the model by the airplane. I love her white hat, too. Lots of great hats in this issue.

  3. Hard call, but ultimately, the top winner for me is that dazzlingly lovely celery green and white polka dot frock (which reminds me a fair bit in terms of the design of the dress - and certainly the pattern - of the spotted frock Julia Roberts wears in the movie Pretty Woman).

    Big hugs & happy mid-week wishes,
    ♥ Jessica