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Sunday, 22 May 2016

Love Story: Hungry Heart

Hello everybody

Another Sunday in this lovely town of mine.
There's a small Town Fair today, in one of our local villages, they are celebrating their town's Patron Saint Day. Most probably, I'll head out there, later today - to see the small gathering (and maybe get some Fair Candy)  :)

Now, now..
brace yourselves, there's a lot going on in this story: 
love lost, girl fooled, money gone, betrayal..

..and a happy ending
(well deserved, I may say)

This Wilma-gal we just had the chance to read about is a bit naive. Or is it just that the times have changed?! Nowadays, we tend to cling to our money quite strongly. and I don't think many of us ladies would be so willing to part from our inheritance (let's just imagine we have some) in order to hand it down to a man we barely know, so that he can use it for a bet.
Time has changed.
We trust people less.
We prefer "taking care of ourselves" first.
We seek happiness, but we're not paying ANY price for having it.
Have a great (and sunny) Sunday!


  1. I would never give my last money to my husband for a bet!

    We were very hard-up when I was a kid, so I like to have something set aside for emergencies. I'd hate to be that desperate again - it's such a powerless state, there are so few choices you can make. When you can't even choose where to live or what clothes you want... not going through that ever again! (Though some people don't seem to know when they have enough - there's a world of difference between having enough saved to know you could pay the bills for a few months if you lost your job, and wanting a giant house and flashy car and useless things like that.)

    1. There's a thing about our last dime, Mim.
      (hence it's name: out LAST dime - and we must take our best care of it.)
      You honest comment has touched me a lot, since this is just another thing we have in common. I too have grown up in less that fortunate economy. That's why the word "money" has such a meaning to us, I suppose.


  2. Very exciting story! Wilma was quite the naive lamb to the wolves. I guess an abnormally reclusive life can do that.

    The writer and artist had some real screw-ups. lol People in Vermont don't talk like hillbilly cowboys and the picture of them in the car on the cliff overlooking the ocean was oriented to the west coast and NYC is on the east coast.