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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Let's take a new thing: Snack Smart series - starts NOW :)

Hello everybody

Most people feel the need of a "little something" now and then during a busy day, but taking a second to "snack smart" will save you time, calories, and even money. That is why I would like to start a new series on this blog, where I make sure we all stop to think about our health and well-being.

Want a bite? :)

Food is so available - everywhere, and people don't take any with them and end up grabbing the fast, easy thing. This may be the worst, greasiest, sugariest, empty-calorie abomination on the face of the earth. Let us NOT take the "easy way" out.

Why don't we set ourselves a goal, 
say something like:
"I'll aim to eat as much fruit as Carmen Miranda liked to wear"  :)

I have caught myself asking this over and over: "Why do I feel so powerless to control what I eat?" I am smart(ish), educated, I know my food groups, I know my "calories in - calories out", I know about heart decease and cholesterol, I know that calcium builds bones and prevents osteoporosis.. and I still, at times, ask myself why is it that, when it comes to food, we struggle so much.
The fact is, when food is highly processed and loaded and layered with sugar, salt, and fat, it becomes so stimulating that it hijacks the brain -- and our behavior. That is the main reason I have chosen to start posting the healthy(er) recipes on this blog.

Every time you'll get a one-page recipe
(easy to print, right? - no excuses)  :)

You know yourself, you know your age, weight, disease status (diabetes, low blood sugar), food allergies, whether you are pregnant or not. It's up to you to select the snack that fits both your individual needs and the occasion at hand. That is why I must PLEA that you don't take this for granted, and use these recipes as a guide only - you may "tweak" them according to your needs.

Today's snack: yogurt and carrots.
I hope some of you brave any of the recipes to follow
 and let me know about it.

Have a great day.


  1. I think most people will be more attracted to healthier foods now that warmer weather is here. Smoothies are quick and easy to make, portable, tasty, and you can even freeze them into pops.

    1. Hello Dawn.
      I must agree with you: come spring, people become aware of the "winter bulge" they've built-up while waiting for sunny days to come. So, many decide to fight it - and food is one great way of doing it. Spring brings back variety of colorful vegetables - perfect for smoothies.


  2. Dear Maja,
    I think this is such a splendid idea! My snacking and eating habits have taken a bit of nose-dive lately, I really need some fresh inspiration :) Looking forward to reading your posts! Jenny xx