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Sunday, 17 April 2016

Love Story: My heart went astray

Hello everybody.

I am so fortunate to have some great people around me, who are supportive and caring, and I would like to THANK YOU for your kind word on my weight loss & self-discipline, because due to my build and my silly ovaries, I'm one of those who tend to get overweight (fat on all the WRONG places) kind of people. You support means a lot, and keeps me going.
That's something you learn to live with.. :)

Habits, if they are good should not be broken
hence: a great habit of reading Love Story on a Sunday morning:

Here's a lovely quote:
“Some women feel the need to act like they're never scared, needy or hurt; like they're as hardened as a man. I think that's dishonest. It's OK to feel delicate sometimes. Real beauty is in the fragility of your petals. A rose that never wilts isn't a rose at all.”
― Crystal Woods,


Me? I've kept myself busy:

I had my first lunch out, in the yard.
I've done some serious weeding
..and then a well-deserved apple-filled Börek

My plans for today? The same, all over again (I'm not sure about Börek, though.. I might skip it and chose some other pastry - am I allowed to have pastry?)  :)
Have a great day.
Tell me how you are.


  1. I liked that story. Everyone's a phony! lol Sweet job for Fallon though. Imagine having a job where at times you play the rich man and get to romance money-hungry beauties. Ha ha.

    1. Hey Dawn.
      Some stories are more life-like than others. Sadly, in life there's a lot of faking (something I strongly dislike in people).


  2. How fabulous is her red and white skating outfit? It's really surprising that there aren't more repro companies out there creating vintage style sportswear, such as this beautiful skating costume, for today's vintage fashion fans. Surely there would be a market for sure.

    How exciting that you've had your first outdoor lunch this season. Eating al fresco is a beloved part of spring, summer and early fall for me as well.

    Oodles of hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Jessica,
      Repro-companies need some "pushing", I suppose what they need is to be sure of the market capacity. If there are people who like the clothes of some sort (for example, that adorable RED suit),and they show high level of interest in it - I'm sure something could become of it. :)


  3. I reckon you're allowed to have pastry, after all that weeding.

    I have been eating lots of salads lately to try to become a bit less round; it's not really working but I feel good thanks to all those veggies!

    1. I recon that, too. :)
      Actually, I have been eating more pastry lately (need to stop doing that after lent-season is over). The truth of the matter is: when you stop eating FAT, your body craves sugar.. and starchy food is, in essence, sugar.
      Vegetables are an amazing aid to staying well.
      I think I'll keep my Wednesday and Friday a "veggie" days.