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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Burda Wednesday: March1959, part II

Hello everybody.

Rain has stopped. Hopefully, air will warm up a bit. I would really want to take a long(is) walk, and inhale spring's joyful air. As I walk, my mind lets go of all the "work" things, and I can start planning, organizing.. since our Easter is practically here.

Ladies at their best.

Low-wearing waists are not my cup of tea,
but there are ladies who look marvelous in these dresses!

The dress on the left is the essential work-wear (according to me)  :)

Bigger ladies?
No worries! These are FIT-to-figure!

I like how ladies in these magazines actually have WEIGHT on their bodies.

"Schick in the Spring!"
don't mind if I do...

Perfectly fitted suit
and adorable vacuum.

Make your curtains the envy of the neighborhood.

Oh, so gorgeous!

What say you about these hats?
I say: yes to all!

Shoes have slowly became quite important.
(mind, me if I stray from fashion: 
take a look at the face of the gal in the picture: Twiggy-like!) 

Burda is famous by their
"three items from one pattern"

... I stand silent.
Absolutely divine!

On this last page for today, we can see the recognition of a teenager as a fashion savvy person, an individual, someone who is willing to spend more in order to look better. WE are going to see more of these pages, and we will see that "fashion for teens" develops differently from their parent's.
...that is: if I decide to continue posting into 1960s.
Have a lovely day.


  1. It's so nice seeing fashion designed for larger sizes that's fitted - so much better than the sacky things of nowadays.

    Go on, go into the 60s - everyone knows 'the 60s' didn't really start till 1962 ;-)

  2. The dress with matching coat in white and magenta is to die for!

    I've always wanted sheer criss-crossed curtains made out of yards and yards of fabric like in that curtain ad.

    I do like how Burda has all ages and sizes modeled.

    I do not like the hair-dos on the teens at all! I hope that style didn't last long.

  3. Seriously swoon worthy collection of late 50s styles. From the frocks to the hats to those pointy toe shoes (a style that I almost never wear myself, but do appreciate the sophistication of for sure), this was the most felt my heart (figuratively speaking) skip a beat over an issue of Burda in a while (I always adore them, of course, but as the 50s wound down, the styles weren't always my cup of tea). Really looking forward to what April of 1959 will have in store for us.

    Oodles of hugs & happy weekend wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  4. Ohhh I loved this!!! I totally agree with you-that purple/white ensemble is divine! Goodness though I can't help but want it all lol xox

  5. I love all of these particularly the purple floral number with the lined coat