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Saturday, 12 March 2016

Do you mind cleaning?

Hello everybody

There is an old saying, that the Month of March comes in like a lion and leaves like a lamb. The winter still "bites" on the mornings, but as time passes, and as days go by, the weather goes milder and the days get more and more bathed in sun. Soon, we'll have strong and bright sunshine, and the flowers will bloom allover(right now, some daffodils are shying here and there). And, come flowers, we'll pick the most joyful of them to decorate out homes - as the last touch, after we've cleaned and set it up,looking it's best.

Are YOU doing your housework on a Saturday? I do. 
When you are a home maker, there will be no time clock, no assigned work area, no designated job, no dress code, no imposed schedule, no promised reward and no supervisor or manager evaluating your work performance. 
Still, an un-tidy and badly cleaned house, the pile of dishes in the sink, the strange smell coming from the laundry basket.. the tale-tale signs something's wrong. And, that might not be the lack of care - but the lack of time.

There's a great booklet I'm providing you with
that might come in handy
(unless you live alone)

 Open this image in new tab,and get it full-scale
you can (and should) print it out

Also, a thing to printout
(or to use as an inspiration to make you own)

I don't mind cleaning.
Due to the fact that no one besides me lives here, there's no one else to help around - but also there's no one else to make the mess. :) You will be your own supervisor, your own maid and butler, housekeeper, quality control agent, adviser and counselor, shopper and your own personal motivator.
I know: Housekeeping is not the main job in your life... but it can be a reflection of how you feel about your work, your personal achievement and your well-being.

Have a great day - weather you clean, take a walk or spend it on a yacht.. enjoy it!


  1. Call me bonkers if you want, but (if we take my health out of the equation) I actually really enjoy most types of cleaning, housework and home organization jobs. In fact, ever since I was a small child, I've found them to be one the best ways to beat stress and reduce anxiety. I like to joke that you can always tell how stressed/upset about something I am based on how spic and span my home is (and you know, it isn't actually that far from the truth).

    Big hugs & happy last weekend of winter wishes, my sweet friend!
    ♥ Jessica

  2. Hmm my house is just a mess filled with pets lol
    Retro rover

  3. I do most of my housework on a Sunday, getting the house tidy for the working week ahead. Luckily, with only two of us (and two cats) the house doesn't get particularly grubby.

    I hate housework, but I do like my house to look nice.