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Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Burda Wednesday: December 1958, part IV

Hello everyone

Last of the 1958 issue of Burda is in front of you, my dear friends. Next Wednesday, we will embark in the LAST year of an entire decade! Needles to say that time flies.

Let's give it a look:

Winter fashion for kids.

Kitchenware: the non-stick,
the steam-on and it's just getting big and bold!

Look at that smiling face and the crown
on top of kid's head
what a joy!

I guess this is that "baby's first suit"
that you put on when coming from maternity ward :)
(over here, THAT is a big thing!)

This is a meal worthy of a celebration!

Absolutely smashing prints
will bright up any room.

..and for more delicate-looking rooms
here are dollies.

More and more kitchenware!

"Your sewing course"

It's red, but still.. I'm struggling to accept it as a fashionable item. 

..and since this is FASHION-related post, 
here's what I looked like on Saturday:
The happy-go-lucky fella next to me
is an owner of a vine cellar
and he's wearing our traditional clothes, from our region.

Have a great day


  1. I like your skirt. I hope that jolly man's hand didn't wander up any higher on you.

    I have many women's magazines from the 50s and 60s and it's interesting that the ads, comics, illustrations are just about the same as in my American magazines.

    1. He-he Dawn!
      Nope, the jolly man's hands were not "playing around", because I have been doing this sort of jobs for a while and know how to manage these situations (most of the time).


  2. Wow, you look really chic in the black top and check (?) skirt. Very Audrey in 'Funny Face'. Are you very tall, or is the gentleman quite short?

    Aaaah, they had stollen in the Christmads recipes. I made one last Christmas, and was startled by how many different recipes there were, I really didn't know how on earth I'd find one that tasted 'right'. I guess it's one of those dishes that's so traditional everyone has their own version. (Mine was fine in the end.)

    1. Oh, my...
      Thanks, Mim. I'm ever so glad to get this comparison to the Lady of the Cinema's World - it feels so joyful. Actually, he's short. :)
      MAny recipes are now "global" - they've brought them from here and there and it's getting quite hard to determine what are the origins of some foods.

      Have a great Sunday.