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Sunday, 28 February 2016

Love Story: Romance of the Ring

Hello everyone

Today is the third day of Sausage Fair in one of the towns in our municipality. It's, pretty much, all that the advertisement is promising: crowded, loaded with meat (and candy) stands, baking, boiling, cracking everywhere - and the air that is filled with meat-infused smoke.

Also, the 2032 meters (that is 1,26 miles!)
of a single sausage coil;
for the 32 years of the Fair's life among us
...and it takes just ONE HOUR to sell it all.

As a municipal do-it-all, I was called to assist with the guests in the Main Hall, where all of the official guest gathered and dined. I was quite busy, making sure that no one felt left out, that no table is left unseen by the waiters, that every frown gets wiped away.. and as for the "great time" - we had the tamburica and the other instruments for that.

I will not be working today.
Today, we enjoy.. and we start with a Love Story:

This time, Linda GOT what she deserved,
than "woken up" and surely fought to correct everything
So, I say: YES to this happy ending. :)

As for our happy day, let's all enjoy Sunday's offer of peace and rest.


  1. Yup, at least she worked to put things right.

    Mmm, all that sausage! Must have been a fun day, though you probably do need some quiet time to yourself after all those people.

  2. I guess it all worked out in the end for all involved. Linda is a thoughtless snob and I hope that she doesn't revert to that when Jackie gets older or hurt and won't be The Champ anymore. And I didn't like how she screwed her sister over by stealing Jackie just for a conquest. Haha I'm talking like they're real people with futures.