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Sunday, 14 February 2016

Love Story: Road to Disaster

Hello everyone.

Two saints, one Orthodox and one Roman Catholic, are celebrated in Serbia today. It just a matter of choice - why you'd like to rejoice.
For most of you out there, today is St. Valentines day. It is the day dedicated in Roman Catholic church to a priest and a healer who became protector of those in love from 14th century. 
In the Orthodox church calendar, today is St. Tryphon’s day (a boy who took care of geese), who according to tradition was a healer of the possessed. Over here, in Serbia, St Tryphon is celebrated by vine growers, and it is also thought that human infertility can be cured on this day.

Even those who are not religious, but are in love, 
will honor St. Valentines day.
What better way to start this joyful day
than a few pages filled with romance?!
Let's go:

That's the BEST life sentence
I've yet seen. :)

Even though most of the religious people in Serbia are of Orthodox faith, due to international popularity of this day, many will devote special attention to their partners, honoring the Valentines day.
My people wouldn't be genuinely genius (that we are!) if they haven't found the way to "do both" celebrations, and insult no one. They have decided: "Why not celebrate the day of love with a glass of wine. Both gets honored - none get offended."   :)

Will you rejoice?


  1. That was a good story.

    Happy Valentine's Day! And is it appropriate to say "Happy St. Tryphon's Day"? If so, Happy St. Tryphon's Day!

  2. We don't do Valentine's Day, but we did have a glass of wine :-)

    Stella ended up with a much better man than she deserved...

  3. You've just got to love the chap holding up a handful of jewelry and a fur stole on the first page. There's something so deliciously old school about that image to me. :)

    ♥ Jessica