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Sunday, 21 February 2016

Love Story: Heart of Stone

Hello everybody.

I always write about weather on Sunday and about walking, nature and the town I live in; but you're not able to see those sights that fill me heart with joy. Well, this is it:

This is my town
1. just behind this boat is swan's nest
2. the peace on the riverbank - and the sound of wind passing through dry, golden, bulrush
3. sky as big as it can be
4. the sea - of grass
5. the towers in the back are the 2 churches - Catholic (one tower) and Orthodox (two towers)
and 6. my home :)

It's rustic, rural, peaceful and slow-paced placed under the Great Sky. This is where I was born, raised and this is the place of my serenity.

I got a bit overwhelmed here.., let's head our into Romance World:

Darling!  :)

Just in case you haven't realized it yet: you are more than welcome to come, and see the glory of calmness that this place has - and what better time than a week from now: we're having our annual Sausage Fest (I wrote about it HERE)
Have a great Sunday!


  1. What a beautiful place and so wonderful that you are still so connected to the place you were born and raised! x

    1. Thanks, Wendy. :)
      I have never given a second thought to where I might be living - there is no "elsewhere" for me. :)


  2. Sausage Fest sounds like a very good festival indeed. All that food looks so delicious!

    (I'm guessing Sarka has to stay at home for that one...)

    1. Hey Mim.
      You have given me a laugh.. having a mad dog, small dog, hairless dog.. any kind of dog around is not only a un-desirable thing, but is also prohibited by the laws of sanitation :)


  3. I really liked this story and the artwork.

    I never heard of a three-legged race through the woods, just running in a straight line through a field.

    I thought the man at the store who bought lots of ties was going to be trouble since he had a MUSTACHE! lol

    Your town looks so old and quaint to me. I imagine it's beautiful when everything is green and flowers are blooming.

    1. Thanks, Dawn.
      This town is old and it is a step back in time - just the way we like it. We have been touched by modern times, but haven't fully accepted them. :)