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Friday, 26 February 2016

Cheer yourself up with a yellow kitchen

Hello there!

Why do new things smell so good?
From new cars to new clothes, even new books, the smell of new things tends to be a pleasant experience. But why?
I remember what joy it was to get a NEW book, crack it open and inhale that (sweet?) smell of printing press. than, I remember as the wrap goes off the new sofa, and that factory-freshness finds it's way to my nose.. pure joy. Not only because it's a "new item", there's more than that - it's the notion of memory, and the fact that I'll forever be reminded of that moment, whenever I get close to that "new" smell.
When you smell things you remember your emotions … it’s very, very true.

Here's something new; 
a new and colorful kitchen!

Yellow just might be the most cheerful color there is 
which is just one of the reasons I think it's perfect for the kitchen 

Yellow is the energy in color. 
It tricks the mind into seeing sunshine instead of shadows, 
and feeling vitality over fatigue

What ever you chose: to smell something wonderful, or to bathe yourself in color of the Sun, I hope you'll have a great day!


  1. I have yellow walls in my kitchen because it doesn't get much natural light and it goes well with other colors. I generally have red things in my kitchen, but practically any color other than purple would look good with the yellow.

  2. Your kitchen has a lot of yellow in it, doesn't it? I seem to remember that from when you first got your house. Mine has yellow units and blue walls; it's very sunny, even in the dead of winter.

  3. I have a very yellow kitchen, I love it as it never fails to make me feel more cheerful, especially in the mornings when I am struggling to get going! x