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Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Burda Wednesday: November 1958, part IV

Hello everyone

I enjoy making and wearing beautiful clothes.
I like looking pretty, I don't find myself thinking about whether people in general think so very often, but it does make me feel good just to feel pretty. I also appreciate the craftsmanship and beauty of learning more and more about making something for myself..

That is why these images matter a lot.
They are my learning-material. :)

And here it comes:
a way to educate little girls:
clothes for dolls!

Children use play to understand their world. Doll play helps children: practice nurturing and caring (socio-emotional), re-enact interactions with their own caregivers, family, and friends (cognitive re-framing) and prepare for a sibling (rehearsal).
Some might say it's a way to "train future mothers" - but, than again: what is wrong with that?!

Get your cheeses and your dips!

Easiest hand-work to learn:
a cross-stitch.

Simple, yet delicate!

Being clean is important!

Colors and pattern - so distinctive!

Many people say that fashion is all about being vain. And vanity is a bad trait of one human being. So, it made me re-think everything -- still: I don't think there is anything wrong or sinful in fashion.


Fashion is what you make it.
I prefer staying conservative - leaning to modesty.

Is dressing modestly just an outdated cultural standard from the 50s? Turn on the television, go to the movies, or flip through the pages of just about any magazine and it appears that our society has lost the value of modesty. People dress in clothing and styles that are designed to reveal and to bring considerable attention to their bodies.
Not all of us are like that.
Modesty in dress sends a message of purity and honor. It puts an emphasis on and values the inner person over outward attractiveness. When we dress modestly, we are saying that we posses inner qualities for which we should gain appropriate attention and value from others.

Ever given that a thought?!


  1. Mmm, pheasant with chestnut stuffing!

    To be honest, when I was younger and thinner I wasn't particularly modest, though I thought I was fairly plain-looking so didn't expect anyone to pay any attention.

    I think as long as a person's dressing how they like, whatever they choose is fine. But when someone - and it's usually women here - feels compelled to wear less because people tell them they have to look sexy, or more because people tell them they have to be modest, that's wrong. Choice for all!

    Style is more important than what people show or don't show, I think. I have a friend who's a modest dresser and I'd never have thought about it if she hadn't said she was a modest dresser, she's so stylish anyhow. She wears things that are uniquely her and always looks amazing, so no-one really notices that she's covered up.

    Your modesty is very stylishly done too :-)

  2. The dolls and their outfits are so cute.

    Your look is so cute and unique. I wish I had the courage to dress the way I wanted when I was younger. Which would've been how young ladies dressed in the late 50s-early 60s.

    I dress mostly in skirts and dresses now, very modestly. Right now I am wearing a long-sleeved pink t-shirt, a maroon and pink paisley cardigan, almost ankle-length charcoal-gray skirt, maroon knee socks, and clogs. I want to learn to sew so that I can have cotton floral dresses for the Spring and Summer.

    Clothing has gotten way too skimpy and trashy IMO. I wish the emphasis would go back to females looking pretty rather than hot and sexy. I know all the zingers ala "I'm not here to decorate your world" but I wish people would dress with more dignity.

    Imagine how nice it would be to go to a park or out shopping and see ladies, young and old, dressed in pretty outfits rather than the young ladies looking slutty in their rude t-shirts and short shorts and the older ladies looking like men in their jeans and sweatshirts and short hairdos.

    I don't how it is where you live, but in my area a lot of older ladies remind me of men. And from behind I often can't tell if it's a man or woman in front of me. I know it's all for comfort but couldn't they be just as comfortable in a skirt, feminine t-shirt and cardigan? I think it's more comfortable in my experience. The more I wear skirts and dresses, the more I find jeans and slacks to be uncomfortably binding.

    And I don't think it's bad vanity to care how one looks and dresses. I think it shows self-respect and respect for others to want to look nice. IMO bad vanity is when it is something that rules over someone and they feel superior to others who aren't up on current fashions or aren't able to spend the money for the hot designer stuff.