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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Burda Wednesday: December 1958, part I

Hello everyone

This post is EVER so late, and will remain with no so many words from my side, because I have just returned home from work, and needles to say - I'm a bit tired: there was no stopping since I've woken up, and both my body and my mind are now stretched-out...

Without further ado, I give you
December 1958:

When I said there will be no comments from me
I did not say: not one whatsoever.
THIS tree is magnificent
and deserves a pause in admiration. :)

,,,and bows place on strangest of places..

Feeling like a popcorn, anyone?  :)

Oh, I'm all for fashion, but sometimes
fashion is just too much.. sack-looking

Sleek and elegant

Ladies (and gents), pardon this lack of words - and allow me get my feet up and give myself a decent manicure - after a day like this, I need some polishing-up. :)



  1. I though I'd like the blue brocade dress best till I got as far as the black one with the little bow at the square neckline. I would definitely wear something like that for work!

    Hope you're feeling more rested today :-)

    1. Mim, dear,
      Thanks for caring - I needed some rest to recuperate, and I'm as good as new. :)


  2. I love most of the outfits in this issue, but there are a few disasters.

    1. Dawn,
      you are right. Most of the outfits are chosen well, but there are SOME that I'd rather skip (like that oddly placed bow on a dress....)


  3. What a symphony of dress styles at work here! From the late 50s sack styles to more signs of the 60s to come to others that still seemed firmly rooted in the 50s. Of them all, I think my very favourite is the almost periwinkle shade of blue lace number with the bow on the side. It's just gorgeous and would be ideal for spring's fancier occasions.

    ♥ Jessica