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Friday, 22 January 2016

Strictly personal - few hints on grooming.

Hello everybody

To achieve an elegant look, one has to value personal grooming, because it is all about presenting yourself in the best possible way, or to say: the best possible version of your natural self. :)
What is good grooming? It is knowing what to do and putting it into practice on a daily basis. Good grooming starts before you put on your clothing. Good grooming:
- means taking care of your hair, skin, face, hands and your total body.
- can lift your morale and help increase your self-esteem.
- means that you are taking care of yourself, and that is important.
Come to think of it: when it comes to personal grooming, not much has changed over time; since our bodies still function in the same way, our sweat-glands still produce the "material", our odor still needs maintenance, our hair and nails require regular up-keeping.

The way that you look and the way that you act determines what people think about you. 

If you wear wrinkled clothing people think that you do not care...

 ..but if you wear your smile like a crown, people think that you are pleasant.
(and make sure you're roots don't show) :)
Have a great day!

1 comment:

  1. I'm addicted to hot water... can't beat a nice hot bath!

    Though I'm not following that advice for dry skin. Give up spices? No way!