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Sunday, 3 January 2016

Love story: Twice I loved

Hello everybody.

Snow day.
Snow on Sunday.
Cold, windy and snowy Sunday. That best describes what's it like on a third day of this year. The snow started when I woken up, it's the fluffy-one and gets carried on all sides, by the wind. Alas, it is the northern wind, the one bringing chill in your bones.

Let's break that ice
with 12 pages of romance, shall we?

See? Great story, to begin the year with.
I say: we deserve it! :)

Sure, it's cold, windy and nose-dripping day today..
Nothing to be moody about. We've got used to this weather in Winter. That's why we have our homes packed with everything we need - the elementary: fridge is full, boxes of tea are neatly lined-up, couple of jars of jam are on the shelves, fire-woods are brought indoors (you can't start a fire with wet wood, that's for sure)... and we're spending our days indoors.

That is one of the reasons why this post is coming a bit later than usual (besides gathering wood and making sure all the outdoor electrics is still safe and sound). 

I am fortunate that Šarka has a natural full, length coat on.. 
and her breed feels absolutely delighted by a day like this. 

All is well.
Hope your Sunday is fine, too.


  1. That was a good story. A happy ending for everyone. I really liked the art work, too.

    1. Oh... Dawn!
      You've spotted the art!
      That is why I chose top start the year with this story... such an adorable art! ..and the sotry was quite the good one


  2. The sweet dear! It's fantastic that she's so at home in snow. Annie holds up quite well, too, but doesn't have the coat of a more husky/shepherd type breed (she's half Labrador and half American Bulldog), so when the temps really drop, we slip on her cute little winter coat.

    Tons of hugs & happy New Year's wishes to you both!
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Hello Jess!
      I suppose your pup prefers to be cozy, as most animals do. Unlike majority, mine prefers to roll around in the snow. As long as it was falling down, she refused to move and starred up in the sky.. like she was asking for more?!
      ..and then all that strange sounds - she was truly excited!