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Sunday, 10 January 2016

Love Story: "Rich little Poor girl"

Hello everybody.

I say, something strange is going on over here. I can exactly wrap my head around it, but we're experiencing what. at best, I can explain as the moodiest weather so far!
It's +7°Celsius over here (converting it.. that is 44F); knowing that just a week ago it was -12°Celsius (10F), no wonder we're all feeling a bit woozy. 
However, the magic of Sunday morning does have it's strength.
I'm having my breakfast, gazing out the window. The rain eased up and it will will stop soon, just in time for me to take a short walk, maybe even hit the Farmer's Market, if there is anyone out there, braving out this weather.

Brace yourselves,
because today we're having a blast of a story:

I say: whoa!
This story has gotten all the action I needed to boost me up for today.. but, just before I let this post into world wide web, let me remind you, who are reading this:
There is nothing wrong in hand-me-downs. Our heroine did not mind the clothes, she was sadden by the way she way treated. All you who had hand-me-down things in their childhood, raise your hands.
*hand rises up*


  1. That was an exciting story. Kissing and drinking, oh my! :-)

    I never had a rich cousin but I did grow up poor in a wealthy town and felt envious of the other girls' wardrobes for sure.

  2. Wow, that's an action-packed story.

    We went through a period of being very hard up when my parents split up, and all my clothes were secondhand. I really remember wanting a particular style of jeans, but my mum couldn't afford them, so she tried to make over a really old pair and I wound up looking like a clown! There ended any desire I had to follow trends... She finds it funny that I wear so much old stuff nowadays as I hated it so much when I was a child.

    1. So, Mim, you know the lifestyle.
      And, just like yourself; I also wonder how and why am I nowadays so happy to wear old and used clothes, and back when I was a child I honestly dreaded the thought of it!

    2. Yeah, I'm very grateful for what I've got now. I may have a tiny house, but it's mine and I'm not going to have to find a new home at short notice any time soon. I have nice food in the cupboard, and make sure I always put things in the food bank trolley at the supermarket to help people who can't afford food because I remember what it's like. Sadly, things are becoming harder and harder for the poorest people in my country, and the elderly and disabled - it breaks my heart, because I know some of what they're going through. Only I, at least, had access to free university education and could achieve my potential. Poor kids don't have that any more. So sad.

      I think you can always spot someone who's been hard up, because they look after stuff and don't rush to replace things. I take extremely good care of things, because part of me still thinks I'll never be able to afford to replace them!

  3. My word, what a drastic swing in temperatures. When that happens here in Canada, particularly in the prairie provinces in the middle of the country, it is often due to a weather phenomenon called a chinook. I wonder if such could be hitting Serbia, too? Either way, that's quite a big jump for sure and I don't doubt for a moment that it's making folks feel a bit woozy. Hopefully things will return to their seasonal norm soon for you.

    Many hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Jessica,
      We're on the verge of flipping-out.
      From coat and rain boots, we got jammed into heavy wool. Week later, I found myself walking around in no more than a thin jacket or spending time in the back yard in a jersey.. Right now it's pouring rain, but by Sunday we're expecting blizzards and snow.
      Go figure..