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Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Dog oddities, part two

Hello everybody.

There’s broad agreement among animal professionals and the general public that people should treat their animals humanely.
Back to history...
In the 1950s there existed two very distinctive factions with polar opposite positions regarding research with animals: they were two paths, both with their strong points.
On one side were investigators who felt they had a right to experiment with animals in any way they chose, without interference or requirements concerning how the animals were treated. On the other side were anti-vivisectionists who felt that it was unethical for any research to be conducted with animals.

Humans have kept animals as pets since ancient times,
and more the time passed, more we got fascinated by them
no wonder there's more oddities
and here they are:

Today, at this very moment in our country, we cannot save them all. 
But, we can do our best:


It takes time, space and money.
They grow, they get moody, they may not "turn out" perfect in every way..
also, this dog is obviously NOT a "purebred"

..she couldn't care less..

and neither could I. :)

There are not enough adopters for the specific animals available, nor are there the medical resources, the transports from “high-kill” to “low-kill” areas, or the financial means to make that change today. But I do believe, with time, effort, education, and resources we can get much, much closer. 
And every day we get a little closer.
It's another "awareness" post on this blog.. we all have more to our lives than just loving vintage.
Have a great day!


  1. Those were some fun old dog facts.

    I think your dog is just beautiful.

    1. Thank you, dear Dawn.
      Every time I read something old and interesting, I like sharing....

  2. It's so wonderful that you were able to rescue Sarka - who cares if she's not purebred? My cats are just moggies, and I love them and they love me as much as if they were purebred. I bet Sarka brings you masses of happiness, and looks after you.

    1. Mim,
      You and I both know that animals have NO IDEA what "breed" they are. A cat only knows she's a cat, so does the dog. Only difference is that some dogs see their size is a bit different than their friend's.