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Saturday, 9 January 2016

Dog oddities, part one

Hello everyone

Owning a pet is a great deal of fun. You get to play with him or her, you get to receive endless affection, you know that, when you come home, there is someone waiting for you.. someone who, regardless of everything (even your "bad hair day") cares a lot.
People have always treated animals with respect.
We have needed them. They were "the plow", they pulled our sled, they guarded the earliest households, they accompanied shepherds and hunters, the were used to catch rodents and to make our journey from point A to point B lot faster.
Only later did we get to realize that some of them look cute and cuddly, and some of them are great companions, so we started regarding them as our buddies.

While I was doing some research (work-related, believe you me) on the issue of animal owner's obligations and legally-binding rules of pets in the streets, in a pile of dreary things like abandoned, hurt and not cared by the State animals.. I came across a lovely little booklet that made me smile. It's made to interest kids in dogs, in particular, by giving them some amusing data on best, brightest, fastest and strangest among the puppy world.

I've decided to share it 

A truth known to most in the movie industry: Dogs are the most common animals in Hollywood. Some say this is because they’re easiest to train, or simply because there are so many available to choose from, but there have nonetheless been some real stars among the canines of the movie world.
Not every puppy dreams of becoming a star. And not every dog gets to be on these pages, since the most of them are just.. regular.
Sometimes: regular is the best. :)

...and then one day, the animal grands you with a perfect pose!
If you know me by Instagram, you've seen this.
I was fortunate enough to snap this yesterday.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Fun dog facts. I wonder if the 23-pup litter record still stands.

    I never knew the Canary Islands had nothing to do with birds.

    Your dog sure is gorgeous.

    1. Thank you Dawn.
      I'm sure most of the oddities are now completely changed,and most of the records are broken.. but it's still a lovely little booklet.

  2. Oh, she is a lovely doggy!

    There were lots of facts there that I'd never known, including the one about the Canary Islands. I bet there are more Akitas in the USA now...

    1. Mim,
      I'm SURE there are more akitas in USA, since it's a popular breed nowadays.


  3. What a bold, beautiful pose. Awesome capture, sweet dear. I really enjoyed these delightful doggy facts and will be thinking about the litter of 23 pups all night now. Could you possibly imagine? Both for the owner(s) and the poor mama dog herself. Soooo much work on her end!

    Huge hugs to you and your darling dog,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you ever so much, dear Jess.
      No way I can imagine any dog owner's face when all those puppies kept coming, and coming; and coming.. :)