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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Burda Wednesday: November 1958, part I

Hello everybody

After yesterday's talk on post-disaster clearing out, I'm assuring you: everything is OK. As it seems, after the estimates by the inspectors, our town is back on it's "feet". Few refrigerators suffered, some old and rotten trees have fallen down  - besides that, no other consequences. 
Strange weather is not something we're used to, and the ups and downs in temperature are making all of us a bit lost. One of the things we're confused about is: "what to wear?". You see, most of the folks over here are still in their winter coats, clearly over-heated.. and then there's me, walking around in a light jacket (yesterday, even, I wore a sweat-shirt - it was just surreal).

Cold days are coming back by weekend,
so this, November's edition of Burda
will be a great answer to "what to wear" question.
Let's take a look:

Light blue is something most stay away from
because, if it gets muddy outside, 
this coat becomes the victim.

Am I a romantic, or does even horoscope
looks smoother in the vintage magazines? :)

Those brows.. yes, please. 

Taking care of your skin matters.
Especially in the winter.

I would accept the dress on the right in no time
I still have to make an opinion about the dress on the left
do we like it - or is it too.. puffy?!


This is the first time
I see sweeping-motions pathways..
what an interesting patterns
almost like art

Proper way to take care of your delicate woolen items.

It was the time of giving beverages,
but with a "twist" to it:
colored drinks, amusing shapes of bottles.
Made for every occasion.

New silhouettes for winter outings.
Bright colors and plush

Plush?! Plush (from French "peluche") is a textile having a cut nap or pile the same as fustian or velvet. Its softness of feel gave rise to the adjective "plush" to describe something soft or luxurious, which was extended to describe luxury accommodation, or something rich and full (from Wiki)

See the "new" thing:
a flower in your belt.

Two dresses, one hat.

Pretty day-dresses.
With low wearing waists they mimic 1920s

"for the bigger-busted"
(then, definitely: not for me)   :)

I do hope these images will brighten your days - especially to those of you, out there whom I know are struggling with the rising levels of snow. And cold. I hope, at lest, your hearts are warm!

Have a wonderful mid-week!


  1. Splendidly pretty fashions! I just adore the glittery accessories sported throughout many of these ensembles - including the almost 1920s looking headband that the lady in the sleeveless floral print dress is rocking. Those were the days indeed!

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  2. I'm glad your town is okay. We've had weird weather too, it's been unseasonably warm for weeks. The cold has finally hit us, though I live in the south of England and don't think we'll get any snow.

    One of the good things about being a knitter is having so many lovely woolly things to wear - I've nearly finished the tank top I'm making for Cate (Vintage Gal); I ought to hurry as she's going to need it now!