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Saturday, 2 January 2016

...and we're off! Let's start this year with me telling you: You are BEAUTIFUL! :)

Hello everybody!

Happy New year!

I hope you all have had the last night of the year spent in the way you've wanted (nothing to be ashamed of if you've stayed at home, like me).. and the first day of this year with some relaxation (yes, it IS New year, indeed!)

Today, I will share with you an article that best explains what I like doing every now and then - reminding myself of inner and outer beauty we posses. 
Changes are good I know folks who would like to disagree on this, as they like things "just the way they are", but the truth is: everything is moving, everything is morphing and everything changes. Even we do, both emotionally and physically. As years pass, we mature - our goals in life get more clear.. but besides that, our bodies and out faces change. We change how we style our hair, we change how we groom our brows.. we switch from one shade of lipstick to another. 
It's a good thing to stare. At yourself, in the mirror.

This is what they had in mind
when it came to beauty back in 1932:

Nothing wain about you, my dear - as you take a closer look (and another one) at the way you are today. Give yourself time, learn about your face.. it is the only one you've got.
...and it's beautiful in every stage of your life!

As some of you have heard (read) I have had a little "accident" yesterday... way to start a year! I have tripped over the iced grass, and fallen down, face-forward. landing on my nose (that might have influenced this post). :)
I am fine.
Honestly, it's just a bruise now, a bit swollen. There is no damage done (not even on my ego, since at that time of day, there way no one to witness the fall). Nothing is broken, cracked or painful.. and I'm sure, in a few days it'll all be just as good as new. :)


  1. Sorry about your little fall. I suppose it could've been worse with broken glasses or a knocked-out tooth.

    1. Ohhh...
      Firstly: thanks for caring, dear. :)
      Yes, it could be worse, but I've turned it to a joke, when they asked me "what have you done?!". I said: I did my falling for 2016, I'm done for the year. :)


  2. Happy new year!!! I hope 2016 brings you much love, joy, health and laughter! Less trips over iced grass, too! ;-)

    1. Thanks Lindsay!
      Yeah.. I'm sure to be DONE with falling - any kind of falling. I've fallen down once, and that's enough for the year. :)


  3. You poor thing. Thank the universe that you were not seriously injured. Still, bruising and swelling is anything but fun and I'm truly sorry that you got hurt. Please try to rest up as much as possible while you're recovering.

    Gentle, feel better hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Hello Jess.

      Thank you for caring - you are always so considerate, and gentile (nothing new there!). You are like a kindred spirit, spreading the good vibes abound the globe - right up to my home. Thank you for your comment - I am fine now.

      More hugs!

  4. I hope your poor nose is feeling better now.

    I don't think I'll ever be beautiful, but happy is better anyhow :-)