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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

The sweetest countdown 'till Christmas

Hello everybody

Who's counting days until Christmas?
If you are anything close to a Planner, you are most certainly already drawing up the first draft of what to serve on your Christmas table. Knowing that you guise have just bit over three weeks up until the Big Day, you just might find this useful!

Let me introduce you to
Sweet Foods of Christmas,
small recipe-book from 1966.

I hope you'll be patient.. part two is coming soon!
Welcome to December!


  1. We have our Christmas pudding - it's the last one my mother-in-law made, so eating it will be a bit of a sorrowful time. On our last Christmas together she showed us her recipe, so at least we have that to work from in future.

    My husband made the mincemeat a couple of weeks ago; I've been ill but this weekend I should try to make and freeze a load of mince pies. That way they can just go in the oven whenever we want some over the holiday.

    I will also be making a trifle. I'm not fussed about Christmas cake but there HAS to be trifle!

    What sweet things do you eat at Christmas in Serbia?

    1. Well, well...
      I love how you folks prepare the foods in advance.
      Last year I wrote a blog post about what we have at our tables (here, where I live)
      You can find it here:
      MAybe the biggest thing for us is indeed the "česnica" - Christmas "pie"... but, in my area it's not a bread-like pastry, but a much more elaborate, with honey, wallnuts, rasins and lot of sugar. :)