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Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Burda Wednesday: September 1958, part III

Hello everybody

Great day today - once the fog has lifted, that is. We have one of those times of year now, when we wake up, get ready, walk to work.. and it's pitch black. The sun starts to rise at the same time that my system in the office does. That makes us super-early risers. :)

Today, we're looking a t the last part of
September's Burda magazine:

Perfect play-house for any kid

Sidolin, great for shining-up your home.

"Where is the man for Adriane?"
I suppose it's love tale.

I'm sorry, there is no way for us to 
get to know WHERE is that man..
..but I'm sure shell find him
in the end :)

Chicken baked perfectly.
Here, our editors are showing us how.

This it something for all those folks out there
who think that "juicing" was invented in 2015 :)

Almighty patchwork design!

So delicate.

Ironing causes you head-aches?!

Unlike most people (I say "people", because I know there ARE men who iron), I do not have an issue with ironing. Not only do I have a new iron, that moved me into modern age, since now I can use steam.. but I don't mind doing it, at all. I have a setting, you see?
When it's time to iron, I place my ironing board in front of the TV. It does take some practice, not to overdo the staring at TV and bur something.. what does the trick for me is switching to a documentary channel (history, animals..), so that I can mostly listen to TV, give it a glance or two and give my attention to the object on my ironing board.

Wondering why I'm posting
all the pages of the love story?
because some of you out there just might be able to read it..
and you deserve to enjoy it.

How to make the slit.

The beloved zig-zag:
you iron it on to the seams of your fabric, to prevent shedding.

My, my..
look at those brows, that lips,the perfect liner.. 
altogether a marvelous inspiration!

My dear friends - enjoy Wednesday!


  1. As an English person, I can honestly say I've never seen chicken served with orange here! That patchwork is a very traditional style here, though.

    I do hope Adrienne got her man in the end...

    1. Mi,
      As a matter of fact, I haven't dared to try it out, BUT: our neighbors, the Hungarians, serve meat with preserves.. most used combination is: baked beef & apricots. I have been offered, but I'm yet to give it ago.
      When I do - I'll let you know what it was like.


  2. How sensational is her eye makeup in that last image! The upward direction of the blue shadow paired with the bold, swooshy cat's eye is almost memorizing.

    Big hugs & happy weekend wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. "Great minds think alike"
      I've seen both ridiculous and amazing looks in this magazine, That is the beauty of it all: it's showing who things really were, and how makeup-artist really gave the gals the looks. A piece of history, and I'm glad to be sharing it.