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Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Burda Wednesday: October 1958, part III

Hello everybody

Another year passed by, my dear friends; and we have had 51 Wednesdays featuring Burda magazine. This is our 52nd edition of this splash of glamour - last one for this year, but NOT last one all-together (not to worry, I plan to continue posting these fashion gems from the past). 

You might already feel the warm feeling of forthcoming party, the one that will put together friends and family members in order to bid farewell to this year, to remember the great moments that it has given us; and to greet the coming year with hugs and smiles.. this little set of fashion-infused magazine pages can inspire you to do something.. new?!

Let's take a look:

We start off with some 
major Cinderella vibe!

You need inspiration?
Here it is!

Blue ladies... looking adorable.

Knitting for him & her. 

For those of you who love
the turtle-neck...

How about dressing-up
kids for the evening?

This little girl, 
she's absolutely lovely.

Keeping warm is the key.

I say: this lady looks so stylish.
I fear white suit, I admit it
(due to "coffee accidents")

I hope some of you can read this and enjoy it.

I have a feeling THIS is what I look like
in the morning.. :)

When you have a shirt with a sleek back-side
you need a bra with a front-buttons.

Fashionable & elegant
Inspired, yet? :)

I know this is not one of the most-wanted gifts to receive,
but sometimes it IS needed, 
and some ladies will find a vacuum quite a good gift to get.

..same goes with washing-machine
(but, to tell the truth:
it's a costly gift to give OR receive)

and a PERFECT way to end this year's pack:
with an "aaaaah"
on the curtains and delicate design..

Oki-doki. This is it, for this year of Burda magazines.
I sincerely hope your eyes have had a joyful view just like mine; and that you have some new and exciting things in your fashion schedule for next year...


  1. Ooooh, I'd love a dressing table! That one on the last page is huge. Sadly my bedroom, like the rest of the house, is full of bookcases. And isn't that lace blouse with grey skirt chic?

    Thank you for the year of Burda Wednesdays, I've really enjoyed them.

    1. Oh, Mim..
      You've hit the spot.. while I think my home is just right for me - I can still dream about things like this dressing table! :)


  2. The light blue and red ensembles are fabulous! I've always really enjoyed that colour combo, especially for spring and summer.

    I'm really looking forward to continued Burda posts in 2016. They're a highlight of each blogging week for me, sweet Marija. Thank you for sharing these wonderful publications with us.

    Huge hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Jessica,
      There IS something about combining red-blue-white colors.. not only because it's on our national flag. :)
      Those are such powerful colors, and they make the biggest impact when joined together.