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Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Burda Wednesday: October 1958, part II

Hello everybody!

Oh, you all must be counting hours now, right? Your Christmas is so near, you can smell the roasting meat, ginger cookies and burning logs in the air. And, that is an amazing feeling, I'm sure. :)
We+ll wait a bit longer for our Christmas, but if someone passes by and offered us to some cookies, I will not refuse it. No, no... that would be rude. :)

Stop thinking about cookies.
Start thinking about fashion.

Here, my dear friends,
we are introduced to awarding program
and consumerism.

October was (and still is!)
the month for coats!

I don't know what to think about 
this front-as-back looking coat on the left

Sporty and easy to wear.
These are put-on-and-go 
kind of coats.

Lovely looking bottle
of hair spray.

The dress in the upper right corner is stylish

Both of these dresses
have interesting shapes.
They "design" your 

"Come & conquer"
the blouse! 

Sometimes it seems like we're obsessing 
about our wardrobe,
but a good quality and a good fit of a blouse
make a LOT of difference.

I love old stocking commercials
all those legs :)

Ahh, the syrup-story..
One day I'll tell you all about my mother's struggle..

Looking dashing.

Men's wear.

I wanted to comment on having pimples,
but I was swoon by this smile!
(mommy, can I have one, please?!)
-No, dear.. we live in Eastern World-  :)


Let's play the "hanger games"
if you could, take your pick
what hanger number and what dress?

Glowing, sparkling, elegant.. ah!
Overwhelmingly gorgeous.


My word: this edition of Burda (this segment in particular) has featured some absolute favorites of mine. If I was to pick, from our "hanger games" - it would be hanger number 6, the last one. As much as I'd love to pick number one, the low wearing belt would not compliment my figure. As for number 6, the "!regency" cut just under the bust - perfectly makes soe parts of me.. little bit more (well, just: more existing)  :)
Come on, take your pick.


  1. Party wear - forget the dresses, I'll take the sparkly necklace ;-)

    I was very bad and bought another secondhand dress this week. I suppose it's closest in shape to shape 4, though the waist is actually on the waist.

    1. Mim, dear:....
      Oh, yes.. I know what you mean! All that glitters makes me smile!
      Look here - if the dress was good, and if you really liked it - go ahead an buy it. No need for regrets. :)


  2. I also pick the Directoire and I am built the opposite of you.

    I love the blue dresses in this issue. Also that rose red dress.

    Doesn't one of the men modeling coats resemble Victor Mature?

    I love the cute flippy hair-dos on the page with the blouson blouses.

    Merry Christmas, Marija!

    1. Deawn,
      I've said it: I love most of the dresses in this issue. And if someone gave them to me, I'd make sure to find them a place in my wardrobe, even if there was shoving involved. :)


  3. What wonderful coasts and hairstyles. I've always really, really liked the hairdos of the late 50s/very early 60s. They were feminine, structured and beautiful in a way that we have rarely seen (save perhaps to a degree in the 80s, when perming made its triumphant return for a while) ever since.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Jessica,
      You are one of the rare people that I know that admire "big hair" days of the past. You and I, both, share this passion. I say: if you've got the chance for it: go big! Heck, go HUGE. Hair should be a statement..
      Alas, both of us lack on that department.. but at least we can admire.