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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Burda Wednesday: October 1958, part I

Hello everybody

Wednesday greetings to  you all! I hope this close proximity of winter haven't affected your plans, nor has scared you from going outdoors. There is chill in the air, but that is exactly the thing that makes this weather so lovely: nothing is better than a rejuvenating walk!
Few days ago, I have asked you are you going to make the resolution to start losing weigh. or maybe to start taking better care of yourself (much better way to put it on paper, looks much less intimidating and much more manageable). 
I will.
I do it every year. Mine is simply "I will not stop taking care of myself". That may sound a bit to wide-range, and it's exactly what I'm intending - the term "taking care" in every single way: the good food, the good mood, the vintage fashion, the home decoration... and happiness every-day.

One way of getting instant boost of happiness
is looking some great fashion.

RED is adorable!

I say these dresses call for a celebration.

Lipstick ads always feature some lovely model
with a gentile face.

Oh, my lace!

No, I will not get tired of
this pleated skirt!

Making lace.

"Pamper yourself a bit!"

Hats, hats..
all the beautiful hats!

I love the tweed part of this advertisement.
I'm not so sure about the dress in the upper left
it's shape puzzles me, 
since I'm sure it's not comfortable to walk in

Brightest blue for October.

Yes for buttons - ehmm, but no so low.

Functional, covering everything and monotone.
Great for work.

Shirt dresses.

They call it "the shirt effect"

My, my.. here's the beginning of
"sewing for beginners"
THIS is the time when sewing-project started 
being listed by their difficulty. 

I say:
this looks a bit too complicated for a mere beginner.

Shapes ARE a bit odd, but I think I like them,
they look so stylish and office-friendly

Well, this surely boosts my mood - I hope it does yours, too.


  1. I love that pleated skirt! The little tuck a top each pleat is such a nice detail.

    And all those hats are great! Sometimes I wish women would start wearing hats again.

    The fashions are getting away from the nipped-in waist of the New Look and there is a lot of experimentation with different waist lines or no waist likes at all.

    Such lovely blues and reds in this issue.

    1. Dear Dawn,
      I quite agree with you.
      The fashions back then were all about accents. Ladies loved to take their best care of the details. There was some peacefulness in doing so, the life slowed down for you to take your hat on, and your gloves on..
      Nowadays, people rush.
      I, too.. I like the yester-year lifestyle.


  2. I'm with you on the tweed suits - and on the impracticality of that puffball dress. Though, I suppose, with a few pockets inside it, it could become a dress and bag in one!

    Those beginner patterns certainly look difficult to me... perhaps they were for 'beginners' who'd already had a few years of sewing classes in school.

    1. Ha, ha.. Mim..
      You have given me a laugh! But, to be honest.. yes, add some large pockets and the owner of that dress won+t need to carry a bag. It's sort of "hands free" circa 1958. :)


  3. How gorgeous is that rose print blouse the one woman is holding up. I would love to see a repro company put out something very akin to it.

    Thank you for another great edition of Burda Wednesday!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Great choice, Jess.
      Indeed, most of the outfits in here are my absolute favorites. :)