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Sunday, 22 November 2015

Love Story: Tempest in the Timber

Hello everybody

It's a good Sunday (every Sunday is a good one), first cup of coffee is filling the kitchen with it's potent aroma, pending rain outside makes the windows misty (hopefully it will linger a few hours more, so that I can have a walk) - it's that day in my week that I can slow down, take time to enjoy every sip, every bite, every moment.. no rush.

So, it is Sunday when I can fully wind-down, and the best start for that is: having breakfast and read a love story. Many literary critics will raise their index fingers and make a "no-no" sigh my way, telling me I'm spreading low-quality literature.. 

I say: who not?

In romance comics, domestic stability was made obviously preferable to passion and thrills. Women who sought excitement and danger were depicted as suffering many disappointments before settling down (finally) to quiet home lives. In most stories featured here, the heroine learns that the man she is infatuated with is a "rat". She degrades herself to be with him, but comes to her senses and eventually marries an unexciting man who provides her with stability.

Hip-hip.. hooray
for happy endings!

In this day and age, where there's so much confusion about life's values, in the times when we seem to no longer have an idea how to find a setting stone in our life - I say: these heart-warming stories might be a useful inspiration. 
As for me: I'd always vote YES to a statement: "love means faith in the face of any evidence, no matter how overwhelming" and deserves a happy ending.



  1. My, that was an exciting story with lots of danger and extreme physiques!

    1. Dawn,
      This story does give a little bit more fear.. I like to mix & match some lovey-dovey stories with somewhat dangerous ones.. never to be boring.


  2. What a rotter Mike was! Rusty's better off without that sort of bloke.

    The only problem with Sunday is that Monday comes after it...

    1. Mim,
      What scares me is that there are really folks like him, that will (and DO) make fires.
      Yeah, I would love Sunday evening - but it's that feeling of Monday's arrival.. and I never get to shake that off.