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Friday, 20 November 2015

Is the "bob" banished?!

Hello everybody

As I was roaming up and down the Hollywood (magazines! not, the streets of the Star City itself); I have came across an interesting article, that might amuse some of you - who have, like myself, decided to "bob their hair" :)

The eternal questions that every woman asks herself is: "what to wear" and "is my hair OK"? That does not (I repeat: does not) makes us packed with vanity; it's the matter of feeling good about ourselves and empowering ourselves to brave out this world we now live in..

So.. there's the dilemma.... let's see the resolution.

So many magazine's pages are always filled with the "latest" hairstyles, the "trendy" hues, the "tips and tricks" to look like someone else.. so what happens when you chose not to follow the "rules"? 

*cough, cough*
You crop your hair into a bob and call it a day. :)

Happy Friday!

1 comment:

  1. Bobs are great. So stylish, and they require no faffing with. Yours looks fab. I'm seriously thinking of getting my hair cut again.